It has been a standard practice of the Phenom Hoop Report not to rank players in the freshman class (NC 2020 Class) until they have completed a full season of high school basketball at the varsity or junior varsity level. In the next several weeks, we will take a closer look at players we have seen repeatedly in camp setting or in travel ball situations. In this issue of the NC 2020 Class 'The Stars of Tomorrow, ' we are going to talk about 5'10 Jalen Cone of Walkertown High School.

When it comes to young point guards, there aren't many across the country that will have the hard work ethic, athleticism and explosiveness of Jalen Cone. We first watched Jalen in 2014 at the 11th Annual NC Junior Phenom camp. In our camp evaluations, we wrote the following.'Jalen was one of the more impressive players in the entire camp. His skillset and athleticism are off the charts for his age/grade. Jalen put together a tremendous three games by scoring 16, 18 and 30 points for an average of 21.3 PPG. The talented young guard scored from all levels on the court. He was beating his man off the dribble, hitting midrange jumpers and hitting 3-pointers with consistency. Rarely, do you find a young player that combines such an outstanding skill set that is matched with superior athleticism. To put it mildly, the sky's the limit for Jalen Cone!'

A year later, Jalen returned to the NC Junior Phenom Camp and he came away with superlatives from all the scouting pundits in attendance. From our camp evaluation, we stated,

'Go ahead and put Jalen Cone's name in your SIM CARD! At 5'10, Cone is super athletic and advanced in his overall skill set. He has the complete package. In addition, he has the motor and basketball skills to take him to the next level. He doesn't take plays off and has his hand in every single play. He the type of player that makes things happen on both ends of the court. Cone has unlimited potential and can be as good as he wishes to be. Like Harmon, he has all the physical tools and ingredients to be a high major player. In addition, his attitude on and off the court is equally impressive.'

After a stellar day at the NC Junior Phenom Camp on Saturday, Jalen decided to step into the high school division on Sunday. Let's just say this, he was more than ready to complete.''Jalen has tremendous athleticism combined with an advanced skill set that will make him a special high school player and beyond. Jalen has all the ingredients to become a special player and his work ethic and attitude are equally impressive.'

Last season, Jalen played varsity basketball for High Point Christian as an eight grader. Now, Jalen is ready to take the next big step as he enters the ninth grader for Walkertown HS near Kernersville, North Carolina. He is blessed with tremendous bounce and athleticism and a matching skill set, but the thing that separates him from his peers is his tireless worth ethic.