His game was just taking off. Boggs had found his role on the PSB Elite team and he was just starting to showcase his Division 1 talent. You see two years earlier Boggs shot up from 6'2' to 6'7'. The previous year, at Carmel Christian, Boggs was the starting big for NCISAA 2A State Champion. Head Coach Byron Dinkins did a great job of running a 5-out system and getting Boggs his touches, but Boggs was still getting used to his new found frame after growing 5 inches in the previous year.

This July, Boggs had found his comfort zone. His flashes of excellence were becoming who he was. His unique blend of ability to knock down 3s, attack off the bounce and block shots was being realized playing along side 3-star wing Caleb Mills and 4-star center Justice Ajogbor. Boggs had received an offer from UNC-Wilmington after completely taking over Elite Camp in June and at the Jmac Showcase, UNC-Wilmington showed up for the first game, sitting three deep.

Boggs started the game on fire. He knocked down two shots and had 3 blocked shots int eh first seven or eight minutes of the game. Then, going up to block a shot, disaster. Boggs blocked the shot, and then came down on his wrists ' bang, both wrists broken. Doctors said minimum eight weeks he was out. With 75+ college coaches watching, including all three from UNC-Wilmington, Boggs' summer was done.

While many would have given up, or questioned it all, Boggs rehabbed. Boggs did everything the doctor said and worked his butt off non-stop. When the doctor's said eight weeks minimum, Boggs came back in four.

He is now full speed at Carmel Christian. While his team returns everyone off the NCISAA state championship team, Boggs is going to make his presence felt. He will be the fifth starter in a line up that has guys committed to Liberty, Appalachian State, Houston Baptist and College of Charleston. Already, Elon and UNC-Wilmington have been in to see him work out. His confidence is back, his bounce is back and his skill set is the same as it was when he was a 6'2' guard.

Watch for a big senior season, also watch for the offers to start coming. Length, range, handle, bounce, toughness and a winning mentality is a tough combination to come by. So as Carmel Christian returns everyone off a team that finished the year ranked 38th nationally, look for Boggs name to be one said quite often.

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