April is over and some blow ups happened, for sure, but there are still some that are left on the table. Anytime you get a large grouping of coaches together, like at all Phenom Hoops' Live Period events, someone is bound to rise to the occasion and force their name onto school's recruiting lists.

Look for these names to do just that come July in Part 1 of Inevitable July Blow Ups.

6'6' 2019 Marlow Gilmore
Hunter Kinard Tyler HS (SC)

Gilmore is an elite defender and high-level athlete. Every game he will have a breath taking type player where you just watch in amazement, wondering how he did that. He has the length and explosion to defend multiple positions at the next level. He runs the floor well and he finishes high above the rim in transition. Already with South Carolina St and Lincoln Memorial offers he has an incredibly projectable frame and is someone colleges should be all over, a numerous offer type.


6'8' 2019 Khydarius Smith
Nation Ford HS (SC)

Smith has been an interesting name for a couple years now, it appears though that things are really clicking for him. The lefty has ball skills and touch from the high-post wing. He is an explosive athlete with good length on defense and the boards. He carries a Hampton offer and he continues to get better by the day. Skill set and versatility at his size, D1s should be salivating.


6'8' 2020 Jaden Seymour
Northside Christian (NC)

Seymour has a lengthy and wiry frame. He is projected as a wing at the next level, with the ball skills and ability to break down off the bounce. Seymour runs the floor like a gazelle and is very fluid. One to watch as a Top 100 type of prospect, he will be playing with Team Wall 17s. Seymour is a good student and doesn't carry any offers yet, the Power 5s should start getting in line.


6'9' 2020 Aymeric Toussiant
Freedom Christian (NC)

Something clicked! Toussiant attacked April with a vengeance and understanding of what he needed to do. He played with aggression and he played with confidence. Toussiant is a lengthy and skilled 6'9' forward who is a matchup nightmare. Toussiant has 3-point range off the catch, he has the ability to put the ball on the floor from the perimeter and he has the explosion to finish high above the rim. It is all still coming together for him, watch closely Power 5s ' he will end up at your level.