Even during this unique time in high school basketball, we have still been able to watch several of the top teams around the country. Whether they have been ranked by national outlets or not, it has been a joy to see just how talented some of these programs really are and what they have been able to accomplish so far.

It can be seen with many of these teams why they are in the national spotlight, so this isn’t a piece to take away from what any of those teams have been able to accomplish.  However, one program that needs and deserves more of that national spotlight sits in North Carolina; Liberty Heights.

Phenom Hoops has had their share of opportunities to watch this team in action, answering a lot of those early questions quickly and seeing the players come together. Coach Mike Wright has done a tremendous job at Liberty Heights, allowing the talent to gel.  Now, they are performing extremely well not only on offense but also making a huge statement on the defensive end.

For myself, after watching Liberty Heights’ showdown vs. Word of God in Rock Hill, I remember turning to Rick Lewis and saying “this team has been incredibly impressive on the defensive end; one of the best in the state.” They have earned that recognition with their play, as they certainly are one of the more complete teams in the region.

When you look at this team, they do have one of the top prospects in the country in Jonas Aidoo who is an absolute difference-maker on both sides of the floor and helps lead the charge.  But also having PJ Edwards who is a knockdown shooter but also one of the top defensive prospects in the state, Elijah Jamison who is showing to be a complete guard and continues to elevate his game, and with several other underrated prospects that impact the game, Liberty Heights is a team loaded with tremendous size, intensity, and plays with a team-mentality.

It is why this is a program that deserves to be represented more in the national spotlight.  They have taken shot after shot from several programs this season, playing an impressive national schedule and sits right now with one loss that came on a buzzer-beating three.

Coach Wright and Liberty Heights have been extremely impressive and experts around the area have seen just how talented and balanced this team is; it is why they are ranked No. 1 by Phenom Hoops in our latest Sweet 16 rankings for NC.  But it is time to start recognizing and putting this program in the discussion with the rest of the top programs in the country, as they have proven themselves time after time.