In our 14 years of existence, Phenom Hoops has seen a staggering amount of very talented players come through the pipeline. We have current NBA players, NCAA National Players of the Year and countless McDonald's All Americans who have all played on the Phenom Hoops Platform. We call these players the Phenom Hoops Fam.

It comes as no surprise that Phenom Hoops has become the region's leader in exposure camps and events. In fact, National Basketball Analyst Corey Evans stated,''When it comes to serving the needs of the mid-Atlantic corridor, no one gives their due diligence better than Phenom Hoops. They consistently showcase what the region exhibits on the basketball forefront.''Phenom Hoops has quickly become the outlet that the nation looks toward when it comes to basketball recruiting in throughout our region.

With college basketball season quickly coming upon us, we want to take a look at the number of players who have attended Phenom Hoops' events, throughout Division 1 college basketball. Phenom Hoops is very proud of the incredible platform we provide. Not only does the top talent play in our events, but the top scouts come and watch. Media from across the country follow along. College coaches file through the doors, or pepper our phones with questions of who, what and where.

Clark Francis, who is one of the longest standing NCAA Compliant scouts and is also a member of the McDonald's All American and NBPA Top 100 Camp Selection Committees said,''Phenom Hoops provides us (national scouts) with the opportunity to both get a head start on future and see many of the top players in their backyard.'

Pre-Season NCAA Player of the Year Selection Miles Bridges (Michigan St) at the 2014 Phenom’s National High School Showcase

Before we get started laying out the staggering numbers of players currently playing Division 1, we need to lay a little ground work. Rick Lewis started Phenom Hoops 14 years ago as two camps, a middle school exposure camp and a high school exposure camp. These two camps took place in Huntersville, NC. Over the past 14 years, with incredible organization and building the right way with a hard focus on exposure, these two camps have grown in 30 events in five different states with thousands of prospects walking through our doors, yearly.

**Please note that the following numbers are just for the current 2017-18 NCAA Division 1 basketball season. The numbers do not depict previous NCAA seasons, nor do they talk about Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, or Juco collegiate rosters for this season.


–Currently 371 players who played on Phenom Hoops platform are on basketball scholarship at Division 1 college basketball programs

–167 of 341 Division 1 Programs have at least 1 scholarship player who played on Phenom Hoops platform on roster'That is 48.9% of all Division 1 programs

–32 of 32 Division 1 Conferences have at least 1 scholarship player who played on Phenom Hoops platform in their Conference'That is 100% of All Division 1 Conferences

The Phenom Hoops Fam Spreads across the country. As we established above, Phenom Hoops is the leader in this region, however the reach of Phenom Hoops clearly reaches across the country. NCAA basketball conferences are regional, and a staggering 100% of all Division 1 conferences have at least one player who played on Phenom Hoops platform. Even more so, almost 50% of every Division 1 program across the country has at least one scholarship player on its roster who played on Phenom Hoops platform.

Returning NCAA Scoring Leader Chris Clemons at the 2014 North Carolina Top 80

Now let's get a little more specific and take a look at where our Phenom Hoops Fam plays'

1. ACC ' 37
2. Big South – 31
3. Southern ' 29
4. MEAC ' 27
5. A10 ' 22

1. Appalachian State (Sun Belt) ' 10
T2. Presbyterian (Big South) ' 7
Campbell (Big South) ' 7
The Citadel (Southern) ' 7
T5. NC State (ACC) ' 6
Davidson (A10) ' 6
Charlotte (CUSA) ' 6

Conferences With Best Percentage of Teams with Phenom Hoops Fam on Scholarship
1. ACC ' 14-15 or 93%
2. Southern ' 9 of 10 or 90%
3. SEC ' 12 of 14 or 85.7%
4. Big 12 ' 8 of 10 or 80%
5. Ivy ' 6 of 8 or 75%

Over 1,200 College Coaches Have Attended Phenom Hoops Events in 2017

With all of these incredibly high numbers it is only right to also point out the lower numbers, naturally which take place on the west coast. There were two conferences that only had 1 member of the Phenom Hoops Fam in them, the Big Sky and the Big West. Marcus Graves (Sacramento State) is the lone representative in the Big Sky and Clifton Powell (UC Santa Barbara) is the lone representative in the Big West.

While 14 of the 15 teams in the ACC carry at least one member of the Phenom Hoops Fam on their roster, Syracuse is the only school who does not.

Something that jumped off the page at us as we were compiling this research is that the ACC has the highest number of players, of all 32 conferences across the country, who are part of the Phenom Hoops Fam. That is a high major conference, most spoken about as the top basketball conference across in college basketball, who has the most players from the Phenom Hoops Fam in it.

College coaches across the country take notice of what happens inside the doors of Phenom Hoops. This isn't only the 150 schools who subscribe to Phenom Hoops' NCAA Compliant scouting service, but it is the countless schools who follow Phenom Hoops robust social media and it is the myriad of college programs who read Phenom Hoops website. It is the over 1,200 college coaches who attend Phenom Hoops events on a yearly basis.

Without a doubt, Phenom Hoops' Platform gets prospects seen.