Regardless of area, it seems like every high school program within North Carolina was previously home to some type of noteworthy athlete or famous celebrity. Well, imagine the list for a place like Grimsley High School—which was founded in 1899. Although the Whirlies have seen some incredible talents come through their school, like DJ Reeder and Travis Shaw, it seems like just as many noteworthy names have left the school prior to blossoming. Probably their most famous current athlete, Keenan Allen, isn’t even recognized on most of their alumni lists (despite attending the school). So, after seeing his two brothers’ passage through the high school scene, is Zacch Wiggins poised to become the next big thing to emerge from Grimsley?

In short: yes. It would be extremely difficult to envision a scenario where the youngest Wiggins doesn’t set Guilford County ablaze over the next four years. Following his aforementioned brothers (Aaron and Josh), one should already expect him to be equipped with the necessary tools and playing experience. Generally speaking, the youngest sibling regularly becomes better than his predecessors—simply through learning how to outsmart/outmaneuver older, more advanced opponents by trial and error. 

However, it’s certainly easier said than done—especially in this case. His oldest brother, Aaron, is currently testing the waters amidst the NBA combine and could easily get drafted within the next month (which should come as no surprise, seeing as how the possibility was previously discussed back in September of 2019). Both Aaron and Josh finished their high school careers at Wesleyan Christian Academy, and later went on to play at Maryland and Fayetteville State, respectively. That being said, the young Wiggins has already showcased the makings of a special prospect.

From a physical standpoint, Wiggins already possesses a fluid, wiry frame with impressive length and quality athleticism. Despite standing at 6-foot-5 in the eighth grade, he already moves and operates like a legitimate wing. Although quite distinctive from both, Wiggins has adopted a variety of different traits from both of his brothers. He already plays hard, displays defensive prowess, and shoots the ball at a reliable. His foundation includes IQ, toughness, and quality skill level, but it’s also easy to see how Wiggins has just begun to truly scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. It’s still early, but Division I coaches would be wise to start monitoring the highly appealing wing prospect over the foreseeable future.