Being overlooked is a definite possibility within the grassroots scene. Whether by scouts, spectators, or college coaches, plenty of worthy prospects have been brushed aside through no fault of their own. It's not uncommon, but it is disheartening. Understandably, there are more scholarship-worthy kids than available scholarships to offer, but there still seems to be some disconnect. It's genuinely astonishing to see some of these players commit to Division I programs when there are simply better players readily available. Before anyone tries to re-explain the desire for college coaches to almost exclusively pursue transfers, just know that it still seems illogical from afar (specifically given the pool of unsigned talent). Countless players have committed below their projected level, but this list contains a group of guys who deserve Division I opportunities'

6'6 Rapha'l Gay (Winston-Salem Christian)

Although all of these guys are under-recruited, Rapha'l Gay's recruitment has arguably been the quietest of anyone listed. Various factors could play into his lack of offers, but none of them legitimately make any sense. Regardless of where he's from or his amount of time inside the country, Gay is a no-brainer for'majority'of the schools within the region. He's big, strong, mobile, and incredibly explosive. Gay is a tremendous rebounder and finisher with a sculpted frame and the ability to outwork/overpower all types of opponents. He's definitely on a short list of the top offensive rebounders and putback finishers in the state. Gay also blocks shots at a nice rate. Though he commonly dominates around the basket, Gay is not bound to the paint. He's shown the fluidity and necessary skill to attack within a few dribbles or knock down perimeter jumpers at a respectable clip. Gay runs the floor extremely well, plays with a nonstop motor, willingly does the dirty work, and consistently thrives as a complementary, low-maintenance player. Right now, Division I schools are truly missing on this one.'

6'7 Cinque Lemon (Liberty Heights)

Let's do an exercise. What could possibly be the reason for the lack of offers regarding a long, athletic, skilled, 6-foot-7 wing prospect with IQ, toughness, and the ability to carry a team or excel within a role' Oh, and he has no baggage. Any answers' Anyone' Ah, yes, the classic transfer portal response is the reason Cinque Lemon is becoming one of the most overlooked players of the last five years. It's going beyond frustration, at this point. The longer we wait and question, the more unclear as to why he's not decorated with offers from all types of programs. Whether from his time with Liberty Heights, Team Loaded, or Cape Fear Christian, there is more than enough sample size to have a thorough evaluation of his identity. This season, Lemon has been a clear asset to one of (if not the) best teams in North Carolina. He's shown the full arsenal on various occasions, so it's difficult to understand what more he needs to do. It seems like coaches will continue to tread water here, but Lemon should be a priority for a ton of different schools. 

6'7 Justin Banks (Moravian Prep)

Similar to the previous two entries, what more does Justin Banks have to do in order to solidify himself worthy of increased attention from college coaches' Not to beat a dead horse, but most of the schools within the region should be applying pressure. There is undeniable value in understanding how to produce within a role, and Banks might be the best, most overqualified role player in the state. This sentiment has more to do with the team structure than anything else, as it allows him to comfortably find opportunities without needing a lot of offensive touches. Between what Banks provides as a finisher, rebounder, and shot-blocker, he doesn't really need to do much else in order to make a lasting impression. He displays a high motor and clearly understands how to position himself for success on both ends of the floor. Banks length, toughness, and blue-collar identity fits perfectly within Moravian Prep's scheme. Again, he's one of the best rebounders, defenders, and overall interior pieces within the state. Banks should absolutely hold more scholarships.

6'5 Chase Lowe (Weddington)

Every program seems to be so keen on pursuing 'winners' until they can actually obtain one, then the laundry list of other required traits gets rolled out. It's perplexing how anyone could not think Chase Lowe belongs at the Division I level. As we stated earlier this week in our Gatorade POY preview, Lowe has officially not lost a high school game in over two full calendar years. While this isn't an impossibility, doing so within the greater Charlotte area is nearly unfathomable. Lowe hasn't been the only cog during the Warriors' success, but his status as the undisputed leader and tone-setter is what makes this machine so difficult to contain. He's smart and absolutely incredible at finding unique ways to create for himself and others. Lowe consistently finds seams to penetrate and attack the basket, where he's a reliable finisher and playmaker who will make the right play without fail. He's also terrific rebounder for his position, which allows him to push the break in transition at a high volume. Lowe also stands out as a rugged, versatile defender with great anticipation instincts. Calling him a winner (and deserving prospect) would be like calling the sky blue.