The List: Ayden Grifton Vs. North Lenoir

Ayden Grifton 78
North Lenoir 74

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6’8 junior Josiah Shakelford is a player college coaches need to get familiar with

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6'8' 2019 Josiah Shakelford
This is a new name and one that regional Division 1 coaches need get rolling on. Through our first extended view of him, Shakelford showed all the tools you want in a big. He has great hands, very long arms and rebounds the ball with a purpose. He has touch around the basket, athleticism and can step out to knock down a jump shot as well.
Stat Line: 19 Points, 17 Rebounds, 9 Blocks, 2 Steals

D2 Radar
6'4' unsigned senior Quwan Barnes
Barnes is a player who just produces. He is very active on defense and he is very active on the boards. Barnes showed well playing against players bigger than him. He attacked the rim, he defended multiple positions and he rebounded the ball well.
Stat Line: 16 Points, 8 Rebounds, 4 Blocks, 3 Steals

6' 2019 James Richardson
Simply put, Richardson was a bucket. He got downhill where he was able to finish at the rim and showed great ability in transition. Richardson made plays on both ends, with aggressive quick hands and good vision, setting up his teammates. Richardson has no recruitment at the time, he is a good student and one who plays with the utmost confidence
Stat Line: 17 Points, 5 Assists, 4 Steals

6’6 Leontae Moye is one of the most productive freshmen in North Carolina

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6'6' 2021 Leontae Moye
Moye is easily considered one of the top freshman in producers in North Carolina. He carries a seven-foot wing span and puts up stats across the board. He is a high upside defender, he has great hands and touch and he has good vision. As he continues to grow, watch closely.
Stat Line: 17 Points, 8 Rebounds, 6 Steals, 5 Assists

6'3' 2020 Crishawn Mitchell
Mitchell is oozing with upside. He has good length and great athleticism. While he was at his best getting downhill in transition, he also showed good form and touch on his jump shot. As he continues to grow in confidence and gains consistency he will be one to keep an eye on.
Stat Line: 8 Points, 3 Rebounds, 3 Steals