Some people don't get it, but every championship team needs a guy that does a bit of everything. The Spurs have Kawhi Leonard, the Warriors have Draymond Green. Neither are great at any one thing, but have complete skill sets across the board. JP Moorman is player this for the 9-2 and EYBL's Division A leading CP3 All Stars.

Now please don't get us wrong, JP Moorman has a long way to go to be as good as these pros, but the comparison comes in the role JP plays in reference to his championship caliber team. He doesn't average the most points, boards, assists, or steals on the team however he is among the team's leaders in every category and you can add minutes played to that as well.

It has been a quick rise for Moorman, on last year's state champion winning (and Dick's National Championship participant) Greensboro Day team, JP was the 5th starter. However, even as the least heralded player on the floor, he was on the court for the majority of the game and found himself with the ball in his hands during many crunch time situations. He worked hard over the summer, and became the unquestioned leader of this year's team.

After his play in the prestigious 2016 North Carolina Top 80 exposure camp, national analyst Rick Lewis wrote, 'JP Moorman has made more progress in terms of improvement over the past year than anyone in the state. If he continues his rapid improvement over the next year as the last, watch out! The best words to describe JP are versatility and mobility. Simply put, JP may be the most versatile player in the state regardless of class. He can play multiple positions and has expanded his skill set, athleticism and overall basketball IQ. In addition, it is his competiveness that is most impressive. He competes on both ends of the court and has a habit of making winning player. Without question, this young man is a winner!'

Playing alongside the likes of Lavar Batts, Devontae Shuler, and Wendell Carter in AAU this season, Moorman again finds himself playing with more heralded players. However, it is Moorman who finds himself grabbing the crucial rebound or with the ball in his hands in the final minutes. After his performance in the EYBL Session 2, national analyst Chick Gillespie wrote, 'Talk about a complimentary player with the common goal of winning games while improving their stock. Moorman’s league averages might not jump out at you but on a team featuring Wendell Carter Jr and Devontae Shuler it’s Moorman who has sacrificed his numbers the most for the good of the squad. His unselfishness in my viewings has been about picking his spots and contributing whenever the situation calls for it while trying to make the most of his playing time.'

Moorman currently carries offers from the likes of Cincinnati, ECU, VCU, Virginia Tech, Richmond, George Mason, Temple, and a host of others. But many Power 5 programs are still evaluating him. Look at his production, look at his team's record, and look at how much the ball is in his hands when it matters. JP Moorman is the glue that holds winning teams together.