In the basketball world, some things are simply impossible to predict, even when the odds are stacked in the opposite direction. That’s a big part of what makes this matchup so riveting. This game is going to be a must-see for basketball savants, as there are so many gems and diamonds in the rough within these two teams. So folks need to attend Saturday, as Phenom Hoops will be traveling to Trinity Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina for an absolutely loaded day of hoops, which includes this contest and four other high-level battles.


This Heritage Huskies squad is led by Lucas Taylor, Dyson Pender, and unique sophomore Redford Dunton. Pender is the lone senior of this group, but provides a certain energy and leadership presence to this team. He’s quick, crafty, and does an excellent job of creating scoring opportunities for himself or others. Taylor is the second-leading scorer on the team (at 15.5 PPG) and has been a major X-factor throughout the season, able to apply scoring pressure from all three levels. The Huskies are 5-2 whenever Taylor notches double-digit scoring and 1-2 when he’s held under ten points. That being said, Dunton is the main attraction and has done an impeccable job of asserting himself as a leader for a sophomore. He’s one of the most intriguing players in North Carolina, regardless of class, and has continued to make strides on both ends of the floor. Dunton is so special on offense and simply feels the game in a different way. He’s an unstoppable scorer from within the arc and has the ability to disrupt opponents with his three-point shooting. This team, led by three college-level players, will be very tough to beat—especially if they are firing on all cylinders.


However, Coach Brian Clifton and this Word of God team typically surprise folks with their ability to compete with anyone. This group renders all the “on-paper” statistics meaningless, as they are able to outperform expectations on a regular basis. Big-time shooter Max Farthing remains the most consistent and reliable player on this team, even after revamping his offensive approach and expanding his skillset. He leads the team in scoring and rebounding while maintaining his unbelievable range and efficiency from beyond the arc. Inside, Josiah Shackleford will be the biggest and arguably most athletic player on either team, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to control the paint defensively. Standout sophomore BJ Freeman is in the early stages of returning from injury, which should be an exciting subplot. Additionally, guys like Kamari Smith, Trevon Spencer, and Lance Anthony are quality contributors that’ll likely make an impact for this squad. This contest is up for grabs, but either team can claim the victory, so folks will have to come and find out this Saturday at Trinity Academy.