The George Lynch Invitational is finally here, and this may be the DEEPEST field of talent we have ever had with Phenom Hoops, and this is an event you will NOT want to miss! We will be bringing you a ton of coverage and previews, but we wanted to start with the list of players that you will want to check out at the event. The list is quite long!

Sponsored by Sport Mode One and HPT

Committed Players:

2024 Sir Mohammed (Myers Park) – Notre Dame
2024 Bishop Boswell (Myers Park) – Tennessee
2024 Rakease Passmore (Combine Academy) – Kansas
2024 Mason Smith (Davidson Day) – Mercer
2024 Jamari Briggs (Christ School) – USC Upstate
2024 Sebastian Akins (1of1) – Denver
2024 Sean Birmingham (Concord Academy) – Indiana State
2024 Chol Machot (WS Christian) – Mississippi State
2024 Lewis Walker (WS Christian) – UMass
2024 Brayden Crump (WS Christan) – Elon
2024 Austin Swartz (Cannon) – Miami
2024 Jahseem Felton (Combine Academy) – Seton Hall

Players to Watch:

2025 Sadiq White (Myers Park) – Top-100 Player
2024 Jayan Walker (Combine Academy)
2024 Paul Jones (Combine Academy)
2026 Rivers Knight (Combine Academy)
2026 Elhadji Diallo (Combine Academy)
2024 Ebrima Jabbi (Combine Academy)
2025 Icare Bakadisula (Concord Academy)
2025 Jake Benham (Concord Academy)
2026 Yohance Connor (1of1)
2026 LJ Rush (1of1)
2025 Tayeshaun Smith (1of1)
2025 Gevonte Ware (1of1)
2026 Jeremiah Jackson (1of1)
2024 Josh Bullock (Northside Christian)
2024 Kyrell Shaw (Northside Christian)
2027 Josiah Johnson-Freeman (Northside Christian)
2025 Bryce Slay (Carmel Christian)
2024 Kameron Taylor (Carmel Christian)
2025 JD Bowden (United Faith)
2024 Isaiah Sutherland (United Faith)
2025 Dylan Deluca (United Faith)
2025 Zymicah Wilkins (Christ School)
2024 Bryson Cokley (Christ School)
2025 Madden Collins (Christ School)
2024 Keenan Wilkins (Christ School)
2025 Joseph Ahart (Christ School)
2024 Jozohn Price (Christ School)
2025 Isaiah Denis (Davidson Day)
2026 Will Stevens (Davidson Day)
2024 Brady Kester (Davidson Day)
2024 JJ Moore (QEA)
2025 Sabree Scott (QEA)
2024 Da’Mori Lynch (QEA)
2024 Jermaurhiyun Anderson (QEA)
2026 Cameron Newman (Gaston Christian)
2024 Joe Rhyne (Gaston Christian)
2024 Gabriel Mabor (Gaston Christian)
2025 Jordan Lowery (WS Christian)
2026 Darius McGlashen (WS Christian)
2024 CJ Vaughn (WS Christian)
2024 Tybo Bailey (WS Christian)
2024 Isaiah Washington (WS Christian)
2024 Felipe Patino (WS Christian)
2025 Isaiah Henry (Cannon)
2025 Trent Steinour (Lake Noman)
2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman)
2024 Santana Lynch (Lake Norman)
2026 Nick Arnold (Lake Norman)
2026 Markus Kerr (Chambers)
2026 Tarris Bouie (Chambers)
2024 Jordan Patton (Chambers)
2024 Maurio Hanson (Chambers)
2025 Ashton King (Myers Park)