In just one day, Florida Southwestern forward Jermaine Marshall picked up four offers when UAB, Fresno State, Southern Miss, and Sam Houston State stepped forward with offers for the 6’6” 205 pound forward.

Marshall plays strong and is very explosive on both ends of the floor. This past season he averaged 10.2 points, gathered 1.4 steals and grabbed 8.8 rebounds per game while shooting 49.8% from the field. He is a very strong player, able to defend multiple positions and finish way above the rim. 

After coming to Phenom’s Summer Havoc in 2017, Jeff Bendel wrote, “Throughout the event, Marshall consistently brought the same performances together game after game and proved to be among the top overall players. It’s impossible to miss him on the court, as Marshall is a grown man; he displays a strong, muscular frame with very long arms and is every bit of 6’6”. Each game out he played the same way: destroy opponents with high incredibly non-stop level of activity, getting every round and dominating the paint on both ends of the floor. He can play both forward positions with no issue. He does have 3-level scoring ability, however, Marshall is downright destructive when operating around the elbows or within 2-3 dribbles where he’s able to finish everything at the rim.”

The Hueyville, Alabama native finished his high school play at DME Academy in Daytona Beach Florida.

We caught up with Marshall who now carries offers from Kent State, Akron, Florida Gulf Coast, and Drake to add to the previously mentioned. Here is what he had to say about JUCO life, the process and more…

PHR: Four offers in one day, that’s got to be pretty special. What do you think these coaches are finally seeing in you and how does it feel to have schools from all over the country want you?

Marshall: Yes sir, long overdue. I feel blessed enough to have the opportunity to play at the next level and with these transfers and new jobs, coaches are trying to fill their rosters, so it’s not a surprise. 

PHR: Naturally you went the JUCO route, how would you say that helped you out, get you to this point?

Marshall: It definitely helped me out big time. Out of high school, I didn’t know what to expect with JUCO. Without Coach Murph and the rest of the staff, and my teammates, I would not have the schools that are on me right now. 

PHR: In what aspect would you say JUCO helped you the most to prepare you?

Marshall: It got me used to the speed of the game and the strength necessary to succeed. I was also able to work on my guard skills and jump shooting. 

PHR: On to the recruiting a bit, what re these coaches telling you, what are their pitches to ultimately land you?

Marshall: All of them are telling me pretty much the same thing. They want me to come in and play for them and to commit. In the meantime, they’re just checking in on me and my family, with all this stuff that is going on in the world right now. 

PHR: So what is your plan of attack to tackle this recruiting process with all the travel bans and social distancing??

Marshall: This process is hard but fun. Trying to get comfortable with a school without visiting is going to be difficult, but I am taking my time and will make the right decision. 

PHR: For those who have not seen you play, how would you describe yourself as a player? Who do you study to take pieces from, to add to your game?

Marshall: I am a high energy guy who rebounds well and can make the 3. I like to watch Paul Milsap, I take pieces from his game and look for mine.