Ridge View 65
St. Francis Episcopal 55

RV: Malachi Cooper 20pts, Jayden Pretty 17pts, Korie Corbett 11pts
Francis: Nigel Walls 16pts, Christian Hodge 11pts, O’Marion Harvey 7pts


2025 Malachi Cooper (Ridge View): Cooper continued to show his ability to get to his spots and be a shooter from behind the arc and mid-range. Smooth and confident shot-maker that led the charge for his team.

2024 Jayden Pretty (Ridge View): Production continues to be the be the name of the game. Though undersized at times, he continues to outduel, be physical, and find ways to score around the basket.  This forward competes and plays hard, and simply finds ways to score and be strong on the boards.

2025 Nigel Walls (St. Francis): Walls is such an intriguing prospect at 6’10, especially with how fluid he moves and his comfort from multiple levels. Ability to move around the court, run out in transition, create off the dribble, and also be active in the paint and with touch.

Luhi 69
Sunrise Christian 59

Luhi: Kayden Mingo 18pts, VJ Edgecombe 17pts
Sunrise: Kany Tchanda 17pts, Spencer Ahrens 16pts


2024 VJ Edgecombe (LuHi): Rated as one of the top prospects in his class, Edgecombe showed how effective he can be and impact the game in a variety of ways. Shots didn’t fall early, so he was able to attack and bring energy on both sides. But he elevated his play even more when his team needed and knocked down threes, showed body control and athleticism, and was a leader for his team.

2024 Kany Tchanda (Sunrise): It was good to see our guy Tchanda on the court, as he led the way for his team. He was active on the court, was able to get second-chance opportunities, moved well on the glass, displayed the ability to pop out and stretch the court, and brought energy in attacking the boards. A sneaky big that deserves more attention.

2025 Spencer Ahrens (Sunrise): The forward impressed with his feel and ability to be a productive option from multiple levels. He is a playmaker with size, being an efficient scorer inside and out, can make plays off the dribble and create, while also being skilled with touch in the post.

Oak Hill 72
Canyon International Academy 68

OH: Micah Robinson 23pts, Christian Anderson 20, Deondrea Lindsey 14pts
Canyon: Amier Ali 20pts, Miles Sadler 19pts

2024 Micah Robinson (Oak Hill): Robinson continues to be one of my favorite players to watch, as he is a true X-factor on the court with his play. He can be used in a variety of ways, scoring from outside, making plays and showcasing his athleticism, and being a versatile piece on both sides of the ball.

2024 Christian Anderson (Oak Hill): Anderson has been one of the go-to offensive weapons for this team, and he continued to show that. Though the 3-ball didn’t quite fall like it has in the past, he continued to find ways to score and get to the basket, as well as knock down shots from multiple levels.

2026 Miles Sadler (Canyon): Really liked what I saw from Sadler on the court; he came out strong and set the tone, displayed quickness and craftiness, attacked downhill and out in transition, and displayed his ability to be a pest defensively. Underrated young guard to watch out for more.

2024 Amier Ali (Canyon): Ali, the Arizona State commit, flourished as a weapon on the court. Ali has a good blend of athleticism and length that allowed him to make plays, get into the paint and finish at the rim, knock down shots off the catch, and be a playmaking prospect with size.