The Phenom Queen City Showcase brought some of the best talent around the region all under one building; it was a college coach’s dream.  One of the most impressive players throughout the entire weekend was 2023 6’7 Wesley Tubbs for Team United.

Tubbs has been a familiar name to many over the past year or so, really being a key player at Northside Christian and one of the top players in the loaded North Carolina 2023 class.  But, this past weekend, one could see that Tubbs was playing at another level. He was a consistent scoring threat from all levels, especially showing his ability to knock down shots from three, while also being a 6’7 playmaker on the floor. Whether it was pushing the ball in transition, displaying his vision and finding his teammates, or getting on the boards, Tubbs just gave viewers the whole package in Rock Hill.

“My game has grown tremendously from two things that I needed to work on,” Tubbs told Phenom Hoops.  “The most was shooting and getting stronger and right now, I’m starting to prove I’ve been working on just that and all the blood, sweat, and tears I have put in is basically starting to pay off.”

With what he showed and the hard work he has put in, there is no surprise that he would be taking home an offer from a program.  Tubbs announced on Monday that Texas A&M was his latest offer, his first high-major offer and now his second on the board, joining Hampton now.

“It was really relieving to hear that they wanted me really bad and loved my game and they wanted to extend me an offer,” he said about the offer. “Basically, relieving because I’m getting recognized and blessed for all the long nights and early mornings, I have put in to become the player I am becoming.  This was actually my first time talking to them but my first impression on them (Texas A&M) was great, it seems like they are strictly about business trying to lock me in.”

But we all have a feeling, especially with what we saw at the Phenom Queen City Showcase, that more schools and offers will be coming his way.  He is already earned several impressive interests so far from schools like East Carolina, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Ohio State, West Virginia, Marquette, Florida State, Penn State, Boston College, and a few others.

“I don’t really know too much about these schools, as this is all coming pretty fast, but I will be studying each school precisely and closely.”