Tennessee Jr. Phenom 150 Evaluations


Team 7

Coach: Travis Mains


#2: 4’10 ’26 Griffin Head (Kingsport, TN)

Starting things off, we look at a player that has a solid all-around foundation, given his age and skillset, Griffin Head. He’s a wing prospect with a great attitude and unselfish approach to the game. Offensively, Head looked to knock down the open shot whenever possible and was willing to make any possible hustle play to give his team an advantage. He fought hard on defense and showed the ability to defend the point of attack. Next in his development process is continuing to build his body and mind for the game, as he’s still got a year before entering the middle school ranks. Coach Mains on Head: “Griffin was the youngest kid in attendance, but he competes really hard! He has a great attitude and should be fun to watch grow into a quality player. He’s shown a lot of formidable skills at a young age!” Head has ample time to build up his skillset and should be one to keep tabs on for the future.


#5: 5’1 ’24 Parker Spoone (Russellville, TN)

Next, we look at a player that really brought an unmatched team-first presence on both sides of the ball Parker Spoone. He’s a lead guard prospect with the ability to control an offense and set the floor for teammates. Spoone doesn’t force the action on either end, but understands how to initiate a set and relocate for an open look. He moves quite well without the ball, yet is best utilized with the ball in his hands, where he can actively create scoring opportunities for others. Spoone displayed nice footwork, however, he can still improve as an overall defender. Next in his development process is working on his quickness, as it would allow him to get by opponents with less resistance. Coach Mains on Spoone: “Parker is an active listener with a great attitude. As a rising seventh-grader, he has room for growth on both ends of the floor, but understands his role within a current game. He is a terrific teammate that competes and makes others better.” Spoone should be one to watch grow, as he could enjoy this upcoming season, which will be a critical time for his development.


#8: 5’3 ’23 Devin Gromlovits (Gray, TN)

Moving onto a player that has the ability to make his presence consistently felt as a silky-smooth shooter, Devin Gromlovits. He’s an off-guard that thrives without the ball and knows how to apply constant pressure to opposing defenses as a spot-up threat. That being said, Gromlovits could really elevate his game to a new level with more purposeful movements as an off-ball cutter. He shoots the ball extremely well from midrange and three-point territory, but also provides a nice mix of driving and finishing around the basket. Next in his development process is working on his overall defensive presence, as it would allow him to become a more complete two-way player. Coach Mains on Gromlovits: “Devin is an absolute sniper that handles the ball well for his age. He can improve on staying deep in his stance on defense, as it would help him stay in front and force turnovers.” Gromlovits skillset already allows him to coexist with any group of teammates, so it’ll be interesting to see how his upcoming season turns out.


#21: 5’6 ’24 Zane Lawhon (Lenoir City, TN)

Continuing onto a player that knows how to make a consistent impact on both sides of the ball, Zane Lawhon. He’s a combo guard with a fairly well-rounded skillset, allowing him to play with or without the ball and inflict damage on opponents. Offensively, Lawhon did a nice job of generating scoring opportunities for others off the bounce while knocking down open looks whenever possible. He displayed great vision and an unselfish approach throughout camp. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would allow him to become a stronger finisher around the basket. Coach Mains on Lawhon: “Zane is a skilled ball-handler that possesses a great understanding of spacing and how to effectively utilize it. He needs time to grow and gain strength, as it would help his overall game, but he knows how to play hard and compete at all times. He will get on the floor when he needs to.” Lawhon is already pretty intriguing, so we’ll be watching his progression going forward to see how he develops his two-way game.


#25: 5’8 ’23 Andrew Knittel  (Church Hill, TN)

Next, we look at a player that made a lasting impression at camp with his shooting ability and overall mind for the game, Andrew Knittel. He’s a wing prospect with nice size for his position and the understanding of how to take over when needed. Offensively, Knittel does a pretty solid job of setting up around the arc and applying constant pressure as a spot-up threat. He scored at an efficient clip from the floor, but can still improve his finishing abilities. Knittel made various plays on defense and showed his willingness to do whatever possible to provide his team with an edge. Next in his development process is improving his ability to move without the ball, as it would give him an abundance of opportunities to highlight his shooting. Coach Mains on Knittel: “Andrew has a great stroke from three-point territory and really understands how to play the game. Like all players his age, Andrew will become a better defender with added strength. He’s a solid player with great shooting ability.” Knittel showed flashes on both sides of the ball throughout camp and should continue working to become a quality two-way threat.


#28: 5’8 ’25 Maddox Huff (Harlan, KY)

Moving onto a player that gave a lot of effort on both ends of the floor throughout his time at camp, Maddox Huff. He’s a wing prospect with a sturdy frame and the ability to absorb contact around the basket. Huff typically doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor, but he is capable of taking advantage of opponents as a spot-up threat. Right now, he’s not a knockdown shooter, but Huff displayed a great understanding of his game and was able to knock down numerous shots during camp. Next in his development process is continuing to improve his quickness, as it would make him a much more dynamic threat off the dribble. Coach Mains on Huff: “Maddox is going to be a good player. He has terrific shot mechanics and a wonderful attitude at all times. He competes hard and showed a quality understanding for the game.” Huff has laid down a nice foundation and should be one to watch grow over these next few years.


#46: 6’0 ’24 Trent Noah (Baxter, KY)

Continuing onto a player that possesses an incredible blend of productivity and two-way upside, Trent Noah. He’s a big, strong-bodied forward prospect that truly understands how to affect all facets of the game, which is incredibly rare at the middle school age. Offensively, Noah showcases an exceptional IQ and overall feel for the game, and he was basically able to do whatever he wanted on that end of the floor. He shot the ball very efficiently from all three levels, posted-up smaller guys, finished second-chance buckets, and frequently played as the main ball-handler. Currently, Noah doesn’t have any holes within his skillset, but he’ll need to get quicker to maintain his level of dominance off the bounce that he consistently displayed at camp. He was easily the top seventh-grader in attendance, arguably the top overall middle-school prospect, and won the Mr. Station award with relative ease. Coach Mains on Noah: “Trent is a very solid all-around prospect. He’s a tremendous shooter and knows how to drive and finish. Trent plays with a high IQ and consistently makes others better. He’s definitely one to keep an eye on, as he was among the top four or so from the middle school group.” It’s difficult to envision a scenario where Noah doesn’t find success on the hardwood. That being said, he should keep working to maximize his two-way upside, as he could be a very special player.


#61: 6’1 ’23 Wade Witcher (Bluff City, TN)

Next, we look at a player that put on an absolutely amazing scoring display throughout camp, Wade Witcher. He’s a wing prospect with size and the ability to put the ball in the basket from anywhere on the floor. Witcher was easily the most confident player in the gym, regardless of age, and had no issue letting it fly. He heats up so fast and was able to string together consecutive buckets on multiple occasions during camp. Witcher does a great job of creating space and efficiently scoring the ball, while also generating opportunities for others. He forced numerous turnovers on defense and usually finished the break himself, given his strength and ability to race past everyone else. Next in his development process is continuing to sharpen his non-scoring tools, as it will allow him to focus on other facets of the game. Coach Mains on Witcher: “Wade is a high-level driver with a great midrange game. He’s quick, long, and very athletic, which is quite overwhelming for most defenders at this age. He could improve as a rebounder, but that’ll come in time. Wade has a high ceiling and he can flat-out score the ball.” Witcher received numerous votes for awards at camp, and ultimately took home the Mr. Hustle trophy for his constant efforts. He’ll be one to keep tabs on for the future.


#78: 6’4 ’23 Brandon Dufore (Johnson City, TN)

Finishing up, we look at a player that should emerge as a shoe-circuit prospect within the coming months, Brandon Dufore. He’s a long, versatile forward prospect with the ability to feasibly play five positions in middle school. Dufore displayed an incredible IQ and overall feel for the game throughout camp, able to bring the ball up, initiate offense, spot-up without the ball, or take opponents off the bounce. He was the most useful all-around prospect in the gym and constantly affected all facets of the game. Dufore has fluid guard skills with the size of a big man or power forward. His timing on defense was impeccable and he accumulated numerous blocks and steals through great anticipation. Dufore possesses a lot of leadership qualities and will be ready to take that next step on the floor with advancement in his communication ability. Coach Mains on Dufore: “Brandon is long, quick, and active on both sides of the ball. He shoots it very well and was a great teammate all day long. He’s going to be a really good player. Brandon plays consistently hard; he drives and finishes plays with high regularity. He was easily a top-five player for the middle school group.” Dufore has an amazing blend of skill and potential, and we’ll be watching his progression very closely over these next few years.