Tennessee Phenom 150 Evaluations


Team 1

Coach: Joe Cassell


#13:5’5 ’22 Caleb Senyo (Fletcher, NC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that has a pretty sound understanding of the game, Caleb Senyo. He’s a young guard prospect with the ability to play on or off-ball and make an impact. Offensively, Senyo passed the ball well throughout camp and provided his team with a nice scoring mix from all levels. He brought a clear team-first approach to camp and enjoyed success as a result. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would make him a much more dynamic scoring threat. Coach Cassell on Senyo: “Caleb has good vision and feel for the game. He found the open man consistently and passed the ball on time. He always hustled and gave 100% the entire time he was on the floor. Caleb hit several shots in transition from midrange. He will continue to get stronger and should work on ball-handling with his off-hand, as those additions would elevate his game.” Seyno showcased some solid skills on both sides of the floor and should look to build off his performance at camp.


#43:6’0 ’20 John Tastinger (Otto, NC)

Next, we look at a player that made a lasting impact with his high-level shooting ability, John Tastinger. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect that is typically slotted off-ball, though he’s able to assume ball-handling duties whenever necessary. Tastinger was among the most efficient shooters in camp and displayed excellent mechanics on his jumper. He worked hard on defense and was able to force multiple turnovers on the day. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to get downhill and finish at the rim, as it would make him an extremely valuable asset on offense. Coach Cassell on Tastinger: John is a knockdown shooter with great range on his shot; he averaged four three-pointers a game during his time at camp. He displayed good vision and found teammates for open shots. John gave total team effort and proved to be open for any comments. He’s a great team player that enjoyed his teammates success. He’s a great player to coach. He should continue working on getting stronger and working on his scoring ability off the bounce.” Tastinger is able to affect the game in basically every role, which is a big part of what made him stand out at camp.


#44: 6’0 ’21 Kavan Horton (Asheville, NC)

Moving onto a player that showcased his very skilled approach to the game at camp, Kavan Horton. He’s a combo-guard with nice quickness and the ability to play either guard spot seamlessly. Horton has the ability to generate offense from anywhere on the floor and knows how to get a bucket when needed. He scores quite well from all three levels and drives aggressively to the rim, especially in transition. Horton is a solid all-around defender with the ability to force numerous turnovers in a given contest. Next in his development process is continuing to hone his skills as a playmaker, considering he has the vision and passing ability to really damage opposing defenses. Coach Cassell on Horton: “Kavan is a joy to coach; he does everything that is asked of him without hesitation. He’s a great penetrator with good vision and the ability to create for others. He enjoys passing the ball and consistently found open teammates. Kavan is a “ball hawk” on defense and gets up into his man. He scores well on penetration and is solid in the midrange. I would take a team full of players like Kavan! He brings all-out hustle on the floor. I’d like to see him improve his three-point consistency and get stronger with his left hand.” There was a lot to like with Horton, who should be one to keep an eye on during this upcoming season.


#55:6’1 ’20 Trace Wandell (Powell, TN)

Continuing onto a player that showcased his high motor on both sides of the ball throughout camp, Trace Wandell. He’s a wiry wing prospect with a terrific approach and fairly well-rounded skillset to match. Wandell doesn’t look to force the action on offense, but he will take advantage of open opportunities in the midrange area. He communicates and hustles whenever possible while also displaying a clear willingness to defend. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would force opponents to be accountable for Wandell at all times. Coach Cassell on Wandell: “Coaches will love Trace; he does all that is asked of him and gave great effort the entire time he was one the floor. Trace rebounded and wen to the boards consistently and had several offensive rebounds for putbacks. Trace hit several open shots and proved to be a great teammate that enjoyed the success of the team. Trace will be a solid player that will improve even more with added strength. He should continue working on his off-hand, creating for himself, and getting a quicker first step.” Wandell brought the right mentality to camp and should maintain his play style going forward.


#56: 6’1 ’22 Will Biven (Knoxville, TN)

Next, we look at a player that has a pretty solid array of translatable skills for his age, Will Biven. He’s a young wing prospect with quality size and the ability to make his teammates better. Biven looked to make the right pass whenever possible and showcased his ability to score the ball, especially from midrange, where he highlighted a deadly pull-up. He rebounded really well throughout camp and looked to push in transition. Biven displayed quality vision and could be problematic for opponents in the near future. Next in his development process is working on his ability to consistently penetrate and finish through contact, as it will open his offensive game to new opportunities. Coach Cassell on Biven: “Will was a pleasure to coach. I loved his energy and desire to play as hard as he could. Will is a competitor and will be a good player. He has a great attitude and is a team-first guy. Will hustles and battles hard for rebounds; he proved to have good vision and had several great assists to cutting teammates. He loved to play defense and make plays. As he matures and adds strength, Will should be a really nice all-around player, especially given his willingness to work. He can improve the range on his jumper, getting quicker, and creating his own shot.” Biven was among the hardest workers on this team and showcased his ability to consistently make his teammates better on both ends of the floor.


#69: 6’3 ’19 Harris Barker (Jackson, TN)

Moving onto a player that was ready to make a noticeable impact from the opening drills, Harris Barker. He’s a strong-bodied wing prospect with a fundamentally sound skillset on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Barker utilizes his strength to get by opponents, but he also has the ability to stretch the floor and knock down shots from beyond the arc. He’s sneaky athletic and does an excellent job of mirroring his assignment on defense. Next in his development process is continuing to become more aggressive and efficient with his offensive touches, as he possesses the tools to dominate a game. Coach Cassell on Barker: “Harris is a guy that can shoot the ball consistently from beyond the arc. He has a good jumper and can create off the dribble for a shot. He’s able to get by defenders with size and was a consistent scoring threat from all levels. Harris plays hard and rebounds well. He should look to work on getting quicker and strong with his off-hand, as it will increase his game and allow him to get to the rim and by his defender with less resistance.” Barker received multiple votes for awards during his time at camp and should look to build off his strong two-way showing over the coming months.


#70:Samuel Hall

Continuing onto a player that brought a phenomenal attitude and two-way approach to camp, Samuel Hall. He’s a guard prospect with a solid motor and ability to affect various different facets of the game. Hall looked to create scoring opportunities for others whenever possible and possesses the necessary vision to do so. He knocked down shots in transition and displayed an unselfish approach to the game. Hall fought hard on the glass and defense throughout the day and could keep raising his game on that end of the floor. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength and work on his ability to penetrate and finish around the basket, as it would make him much more polished on offense. Coach Cassell on Hall: “Samuel was a pleasure to coach; he hustled from one end of the floor to the other and showcased a high motor. He found open teammates for easy shots and played aggressive defense throughout the day. Samuel really bought into the success of the team. He had good vision and was able to make several open shots. Samuel should work to improve his ball-handling and off-hand, which will lead to better penetration ability and utilization of the entire floor.” Hall showcased the ability to make his presence felt on both ends of the floor and could be a player worth revisiting in the coming months.


#82: 6’5 ’22 Miles McClure (Franklin, NC)

Next, we look at a player that brought an incredible amount of value to his team during camp, Miles McClure. He’s a strong wing prospect with a terrific all-around skillset and solid athleticism. McClure immediately stood out, due to his young age and mature approach to the game. In many ways, he was the glue-guy for his team, passing, cutting, defending, knocking down shots, and doing whatever coach asked of him. McClure is an exceptional teammate and can coexist with any combination of prospects, given his ability to play with or without the ball and apply pressure as shooter. Next in his development process is continuing to get quicker, as it would allow him to take opponents off the dribble with relative ease. Coach Cassell on McClure: “Miles was a joy to coach; he was a great teammate to all. He scored at all three levels and had several great assists to cutters. Miles rebounded and battled hard each and every game. I am very eager to see how his game progresses. He is going to be a really good player. Miles is already quite solid and possesses a lot of upside; he understands the game and possesses a high IQ. As Miles matures and gets stronger, he will be a nightmare to guard, as he can score from inside and out!” McClure is at a terrific crossroads between potential and productivity, which should make him an incredibly intriguing player to watch grow.


#83: 6’5 ’20 Nate Vance (Scott Depot, WV)

Moving onto a player that possesses a lot of attainable upside on both ends of the floor, Nate Vance. He’s a big, strong post prospect with decent athleticism and an excellent rebounding sense. Offensively, Vance doesn’t look to force the action, yet has the ability to knock down shots from midrange with regularity. He showcased a formidable three-point stroke, but scored a majority of his opportunities inside the paint. Vance’s nonstop motor allowed him to secure an abundance of rebounds and immediately turn them into points. Next in his development process is continuing to hone his inside-out game, as he is an intriguing mismatch for most opponents right now, but can still elevate his game. Coach Cassell on Vance: “Nate proved to be a true post that could score and rebound with anyone at camp. He had several huge offensive rebounds and putbacks. Nate had an abundance of rebounds in each game and showcased a pretty nice midrange game. He displayed good footwork and had several nice assists. He brings a great attitude and was a great teammate all day long. I loved having Nate on my team. He blocked several shots and was a shot-altering rim-protector throughout the day. Developing a left hand finish and extending the range on his jumper would make Nate unstoppable on offense.” Vance was our lone attendee from West Virginia, but he certainly made a lasting impact during his time at camp.


#85: 6’6 ’20 Caleb Lafunor (Asheville, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that possesses a considerable amount of two-way upside, Caleb Lafunor. He’s a strong big man with the ability to rebound and run the floor. Offensively, Lafunor scores mostly from second-chance buckets and dump-off passes around the basket. He absorbs contact extremely well and looks to finish every opportunity in the paint. Lafunor knows how to play within his role, but he’ll need to work to fine-tune his overall skillset. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his conditioning, as it would make him a much better athlete. Coach Cassell on Lafunor: “Caleb was a load in the paint and scored well there throughout camp. He’s a good rebounder that brings quality effort. Improved quickness will elevate his game to a higher level and make him a better two-way prospect.” It’ll be interesting to see how he shapes his game going forward, as Asheville Christian has a proven track record of developing big men over the last few years.