Team 1

Coach: Jake Senyo


#31: 5’2 ’25 Aaliyah Hensley (Kingsport)

Starting things off, we look at a player that impacted the game well while competing against bigger/stronger opponents, Aaliyah Hensley. She’s a young, smart, team-first guard that plays hard and within herself on both ends of the floor. Hensley displayed the ability to handle the ball, knock down open jumpers, and make sharp passes to open teammates. She proved to be quite a strong defender with great positioning and the ability to block multiple shots on the day. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would likely make her a more consistent finisher around the basket. Coach Senyo on Hensley: “Aaliyah has great instincts with the ball in her hands. She has a great feel for the game and is always doing the little things to help her team win. I loved her attitude all day and she was very acceptable of criticism.” Hensley had an excellent showing at camp, especially for her age, and will certainly be a prospect to monitor going forward.


#54: 5’9 ’22 Bryce Myers (Sissonville)

Next, we look at a player that greatly outperformed any possible expectations during camp, Bryce Myers. He’s a smart, unassuming yet well-rounded guard prospect with an excellent shooting stroke and the ability to regularly make plays for himself or others. Myers really did a phenomenal job of being in the right place at the right time, making hustle plays, looking for the extra pass, and applying scoring pressure in a variety of different ways. Myers is slightly undersized but plays bigger than his frame would imply, both as a defender and rebounder. Next in his development process is working on his ability to penetrate, as it would make him an even more lethal scoring threat. Coach Senyo on Myers: “Bryce was a consistent shooter on all three levels today. He played good perimeter defense, made great passes, and stretched the defense very well throughout the day.” Myers did a lot of things very well during camp and has all the tools to emerge as a useful contributor for Sissonville sooner than later.


#72: 6’0 ’20 Tahron Goudelock (Beckley Prep)

Moving onto a player that proved to be quite productive without necessarily requiring offensive touches, Tahron Goudelock. He’s a quick, wiry guard prospect that showed his ability to score efficiently from all three levels while being a menace on the other end of the floor. Goudelock made a ton of plays defensively, including forcing turnovers and pushing the break in transition, where he was able to finish or set up open teammates. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would make him a more complete offensive threat. Coach Senyo on Goudelock: “Tahron has an excellent handle with a nice jumper. He was excellent at getting others involved in the offense and played unselfishly all day long. He was also an excellent shooter from the perimeter.” Goudelock enjoyed a strong two-way showing at camp and should be a useful contributor throughout the upcoming season.


#81: 6’2 ’20 Lee Langstaff (Carolina Day)

Continuing onto a player that continues to be vastly underrated by scholarship-holding coaches, Lee Langstaff. He’s an incredibly smart, sharp two-way guard with craftiness, athleticism, and no real weaknesses within his skillset. Langstaff legitimately has a complete offensive arsenal and consistently leads by example on both ends of the floor. He’s aggressive with the ball in his hands, especially as a scorer, but also possesses a very smooth playmaking sense. Langstaff is a quality all-around defender with quick hands and the ability to force turnovers with regularity. Next in his development process is working on his ability to rebound the ball, as it would allow him to grab boards and immediately push the break in transition. Coach Senyo on Langstaff: “Lee was phenomenal today at knocking down shots from distance. He got to the bucket at will and finished through contact with consistency. He was probably the most consistent leader I had on the floor as well.” Langstaff was extremely impressive throughout camp, securing the Mr. Station award with relative ease, and should definitely start garnering more attention from college coaches.


#88: 6’2 ’20 Sean Hoskins (Greater Beckley)

Next, we look at a player that stood out as one of the best defensive performers from this team, Sean Hoskins. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with a high motor, nice two-way feel, and the ability to operate effectively within the team concept. Hoskins is very quick and utilizes his motor and positioning to overwhelm his assignment on defense. He displayed great anticipation instincts, both as an on-ball defender and when jumping into passing lanes. Hoskins rebounded the ball pretty well for his position and pushed the break whenever possible. Next in his development process is working on fine-tuning his shot mechanics, as it would likely make his perimeter jumper more consistent. Coach Senyo on Hoskins: “Sean was my defensive stopper. He gave me 110% effort all day by picking up his man full-court. He also does a nice job of finishing at the rim.” Hoskins definitely had some nice flashes during camp and could be in store for a productive senior campaign.


#94: 6’3 ’21 Darius Davis (Moravian Prep)

Moving onto a player that was nothing short of spectacular on both ends of the floor during camp, Darius Davis. He’s a smart, steady, strong-bodied guard prospect with a rugged, blue-collar mentality and the ability to absolutely thrive in the open floor. Davis showed semblance of a formidable jumper, but was able to get to the basket and finish with relative ease whenever he desired. He’s an exceptional defender with precise positioning, sharp instincts, and terrific all-around physicality. Davis is a high-level rebounder for his position, which allowed him to frequently grab the board, push the break, and score or set up an open teammate. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball on offense, as he could seize even more scoring opportunities as an off-ball cutter. Coach Senyo on Davis: “Darius was strong and consistent driving the ball. He was very quick running up and down the court. He has very nice touch around the basket and surprised me with some great outside shots.” Davis proved to be a leader and one of the top performers in attendance, securing the Mr. Defense award while giving us a preview of what to expect during the upcoming season.


#104: 6’0 ’25 Kadyn Turner-Scott (Greensboro)

Continuing onto a player that continues to make great strides in his two-way development, Kadyn Turner-Scott. He’s a young, wiry wing/forward prospect that offers a nice scoring and rebounding presence. Turner-Scott knocked down a flurry of jumpers during camp but also kept the ball moving quite well and showed his ability to make the extra pass. He runs the floor hard and moves fairly well without the ball. Turner-Scott utilizes his length nicely to secure rebounds and disrupt his assignment on defense. Next in his development process is working to add strength to his wiry frame, as it would likely make him an even better finisher through contact. Coach Senyo on Turner-Scott: “Kadyn had a great camp, often playing against older competition. He surprised me with a consistent shot from beyond the arc. Kadyn was a good rebounder and solid defender throughout the day.” Turner-Scott contributed well during camp, especially for his age, and will be one to watch over his continued progression.


#117: 6’10 ’21 Saliou Nguer (Beckley Prep)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was arguably the most appealing long-term prospect in attendance, Saliou Nguer. He’s a long, athletic post prospect with an incredible frame and excellent skills from the low-block. Nguer showed semblance of a formidable jumper from midrange but typically embraces his role around the basket. He looked to dunk and block everything in sight and had great success in the process. Nguer runs the floor exceptionally well and displayed soft touch with either hand. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his three-point consistency, as it would make him basically unstoppable on offense. Coach Senyo on Nguer: “Saliou is a long athletic prospect with great upside. He is able to defend multiple positions and gets a lot of blocks. He’s a great rebounder with a nice feel for the game.” Nguer was extremely productive during his time at camp and should likely collect another dozen or so scholarship offers over the next calendar year.