Phenom Hoop Report travelled to Kingsport, Tennessee to host the 2nd Annual Tennessee Phenom Camp. The event is held at TNT Sportsplex and the campers came from a five state radius. The players embraced the 3-dribble rule and the games showcased tremendous teamwork and making the extra pass. Now, let’s take a closer look at our camp award winners.


MVP: No. 78 6’4 2023 Brandon Dufore (Johnson City, TN)

Standing a lengthy 6’4, Brandon Dufore is a gifted player for his age/grade. He has excellent perimeter skills, advanced ball handling and passing abilities. Simply put, Brandon could do just a little bit of everything. He scored from all three levels, knocked down 3-pointers, hit the midrange and finished at the rim. In addition, he could also use his height to post up smaller players. Brandon was one of the camp’s top scorers, but he did it within the team structure.


Mr. Playmaker: No. 7 5’2 2023 Keenan Wilkins (Hendersonville, NC) 

Keenan may have been one of the most exciting players to watch the entire day.  He had the unique ability to create his own shot off the dribble or use dribble penetration effectively to set up open teammates. In the first game of the camp, Keenan knocked down seven 3-pointers including a step back three. In the second and third game of camp, Keenan was a skillful and creative passer off the dribble. We were impressed with his court vision and ability to see plays in advance.


Mr. Defense: No. 58 6’1 2023 Athan Gill (Woodleaf, NC)

With his size and athleticism, Athan was able to guard and defend multiple positions. He rebounded the ball extremely well and was a tough hard nose “on ball defender, ” not to mention nice anticipation in the passing lanes. In addition, Athan was a solid all around player and was equally as good on the offensive end of the court. Overall, a great two way performance for Athan.


Mr. Hustle: No. 61 6’1 2023 Wade Witcher (Bluff City, TN)

Wade Witcher goes full speed on both ends of the court and was almost impossible to stop on the offensive end of the court. Play after play, Wade was able to get where he wanted when he wanted. However, it was his high motor and full throttle approach that made a huge impact on the coached and scouts in attendance. Wade definitely plays with purpose!


Mr. Station: No. 46 6’0 2024 Trent Noah (Baxter, KY)

There’s an old saying, “you practice the way you play.” For Trent Noah, he went through the stations like a real game situation. In addition, Trent impressed us with his fluid play. He has an advanced skill set and the game simply comes easy to him. Trent has a solid frame with lengthy/strong arms.