To state Team United 16U EYBL may be a special team would be a gross understatement. The class of 2024 team has accumulated a nice mixture of talent, skill, athleticism, but more importantly are well coached and plays extremely well as a team. With such high profile players in today’s basketball culture, this team has no egos from our viewpoint. Team United 16U EYBL has two national level prospects in 6’10 Jarin Stevenson and 6’6 Cameron Scott, both ranked no. 8 and 21 respectively by ESPN. Driving deeper into Phenom Hoops 2024 North Carolina ranking, we currently have Stevenson at no. 2, 6’9 Kany Tchanda no. 5, 6’6 Jaxon Prunty no. 20,  6’3 Jaylen Cross no. 21, and 5’9 Quay Watson no. 44. It should be noted that 6’9 Brayden Crump was a consensus top 10 prospect statewide before suffering a knee injury that set him back this past year. Once he returns to the lineup, watch out. As with all rankings, they are subject to change, and the majority of players from Team United should see a major bump once we update our rankings.


6’10 Jarin Stevenson (Seaforth HS

We currently have Stevenson slated at the no. 2 spot in our statewide ranking, slightly behind 6’6 Paul McNeil. Both players are high level players and can be interchanged from the 1 and 2 spot. That being said, Stevenson probably has the best “long term” potential of any player in the state. Last season, Stevenson played at brand new Seaforth High School. He averaged 20.6 PPG, 11.3 RPG and 3.5 blocks per game. Sporting a size 19 shoe, and having great bloodlines, where his parents both played collegiately, Stevenson has a tremendous skill set for his size, frame and age, which will translate well at the next level and beyond. Outside of being a special talent, Stevenson is equally talented in the classroom and a model citizen off the court. 

6’6 Cameron Scott (Lexington HS, SC

Without question, Scott is the top prospect in the state of South Carolina. He has length, skill and athleticism, but plays the game within the framework of the offense. Scott has been a starter on his high school team as an eighth grader where he averaged 15.6 PPG, 6.0 RPG, 3.2 APG, 1.3 SPG, and 1.0 BPG, helping him earn All-State honors. Scott is another high major prospect that has potential once his college playing days are completed. 

6’9 Kany Tchanda (Concord Academy)

Kany Tchanda may just be the biggest sleeper at the national level and don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make a quantum leap into the national rankings sooner rather than later. Tchanda was instrumental in leading Concord Academy to a NCISAA 3A state championship this past season. Still learning the game, Tchanda has length, athleticism and a quickly improving skill set that will enable him to be in the same conversation as Stevenson and Scott. While he has a solid skill set, but if his skill set comes close to his athleticism, his potential and upside are through the roof, and should crack the top 100 players nationally. 

6’6 Jaxon Prunty (Providence Day)

As the old saying goes, “what you see currently is not the finished product” is custom-made for Jaxon Prunty. The slender and athletic wing continues to grow physically and could easily push 6’8 before he is finished growing. Prunty is an excellent team player, knows his role, but could also be the “go to” player. Prunty will see a significate jump in his statewide ranking and we honestly see Prunty also being a national level prospect and like Tchanda should and could be a top 100 player nationally. 

Best of the rest

5’9 Quay Watson (Hopewell HS)
Averaged: 18.5 PPG, 4.9 APG, and 2.9 SPG. 
Evaluation: Watson is the sparkplug and floor general for coach JaRon Goodson at Hopewell.  We’ve had the opportunity to watch him in camp settings, travel ball, and in high school, and his performance has always been consistent. With each outing, you know exactly what you are getting and that is hustle and effort. 

6’0 Tyree White (Sun Valley HS)
Averaged: 17.8 PPG, 5.3 PPG, 3.6 APG
Evaluation: He’s long, tough, intelligent, and displays nice athleticism for his size/position. White understands how to operate as a primary creator and consistently set up others, but also finishes well and overwhelms opponents with his presence as a defender and rebounder.


6’3 Jaylen Cross (NW Guilford HS)
Averaged: 16.7 PPG, 3.8 RPG
Evaluation: Cross made an immediate impact as a freshman for the Vikings and finished as their second-leading scorer while highlighting flashes of greatness on a nightly basis. It’s difficult to differentiate his strengths from his weaknesses because he’s already legitimately reliable in every facet of the game. Whether tasked with scoring, playmaking, defending, rebounding, or simply making hustle plays,

6’0 Derrick Eley (Hopewell HS)
Averaged: 12.2 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 3.6 APG
Evaluation:  Eley is both smart and tough. Capable scorer,, willing passer, scrappy defender, and interchangeable ball-handlers. Simply knows when to score and when to make the assist. Can get by defender with quick first step.

6’7 Kaden Hammond (Cummings HS)
Averaged: 12.0 PPG, 11.2 RPG
Evaluation: He’s a terrific rebounder with a strong understanding of how to utilize his body to overwhelm opponents on either end of the floor. Hammond is already a walking double-double machine, so don’t be surprised to hear his name a lot more over the coming months. 

6’0 Demani Day (Harding University)
Averaged: 6.8 PPG
Evaluation: Tough, hard nosed guard that has plenty of intangibles on the court. Makes hustle plays, but provides timely perimeter shooting with limited shot attempts. More importantly, plays tenacious defense.  

6’2 Yannick Smith (Summerville HS, SC)
Evaluation: One of the top two-sport athletes in the state of South Carolina. Smith is blessed with tremendous athleticism and has the ability to score points in bunches. Can be an elite level defender on and off the ball.

6’9 Brayden Crump (Patton HS)
Evaluation: Crump will be in the conversation as one of the top players in the absolutely loaded North Carolina 2024 class. He is blessed with a tremendous skill set and one of the better perimeter players for his size.