Team Hardaway Jr. is a program coming from Florida this past weekend to come and compete at the Phenom G3 Showcase.  A new program to our eyes over the weekend, I will be the first to admit that this was an overall program that grabbed my attention.

They came in and faced some tough competition but they proved themselves, no matter if it was the 15u, 16u, or 17u division.  All made runs to a championship and racked up the wins.

Team Hardaway 15u finished the weekend going 4-1 that included wins against Team Curry 2024, Team HOPE, and eventually coming up short in the championship game vs. Team Trezz Taylor.  The 16u program also finished the weekend 4-1, securing wins against a very good CC Elite 2024 twice and coming up just short in the championship game against CP3 2024.

Lastly, Team Hardaway Jr. 17u finished the weekend going 2-3 but had some tough battles against Sheed Wallace Select and Charlotte Hoyas but also earned victories against Triple Threat Academy and Mint Hill Lakers.

Several players were written about for each team.  From the 15u team, players like Reece Randolph, Malik Abdullahi, Stone Bureau, Rany Smith, and others all captured scout’s eyes.  For the 16u, Danny Fernandez, Angelo Miranda, Gabe Hernande, Jachim Ametepe, and others were standouts on the court.  And lastly, for the 17u team, players like Nick Pinyero, Romulo Delgado, Christian Pujals, and others all had terrific moments on the court.

But overall, all these teams played with a balanced, unselfish mentality which helped them come up to South Carolina and make some noise.  If you want to watch teams play the right way, Team Hardaway Jr. is one to mark down this summer.