In the 16/17u Silver Championship Team Felton 16u went up against the LBA Thunder 17u squad. The game started off in a back and forth affair as both teams guard play was tremendous. For Team Felton, the backcourt of 2023 G Kobe George and 2021 G Jaden Ellis was a problem the entire game on both the offensive and defensive side. For the Thunder, they were paced by 5’11 G Marquis Eskew who was getting buckets early and finished with 10pts. After halftime, Team Felton started to get things rolling and expand their lead in large part to their energy on the defensive end. Thanks to three steals in a row, Team Felton was able to get back-to-back-to-back dunks including a lob off the backboard to game MVP 6’7 IJ Ezuma who finished the game with 13pts. Down the stretch, the athleticism and interior presence of Team Felton were too much for the LBA Thunder. Team Felton won the game 66-40.