The battle of Team Charlotte took place on Sunday, as the 16U and 15U (playing up) teams met in the title game. It was an intense game from start to finish, although the 16U group certainly proved to be the better team in this head-to-head matchup. In all honesty, this team was incredibly balanced throughout the weekend and saw quality contributions from everyone on the roster. Between Nate Brafford and Jaylin McClurkin, their bigs had an excellent weekend and should start garnering the attention of college coaches. They had some injuries at the guard position, but are so deep that it didn’t seem to matter. Kris Robinson shot the ball extremely well on Saturday, Cyncier Harrison ran the show with poise, Jordan Taylor made constant plays on both ends, and Jalen Hood-Schifino returned in dominant fashion on Sunday. Additionally, Moses Payne, Tyler Fearne, and especially Bryce Alfino all had great two-way showings across the two days. This team is definitely one to watch, as they are overflowing with talent and claimed a 74-42 victory in the championship contest.