This weekend should be a fun one indeed, with some of the top teams around the region coming to compete to kick off the month of June.

One program that everyone should know already will be the Team Charlotte program, as they will be bringing several teams to the event this weekend.  Team Charlotte 17u, 16u, 15u, and 12u will all be in attendance and you don’t want to miss some of the top talents around the area.

Here are just a FEW names that should garner the attention of fans this weekend.

Team Charlotte 17u

A talented team indeed at all positions, you can guarantee that they will bring the intensity to the floor.  You can start looking at the young 2021 prospects of 6’4 AJ Smith and 6’8 Jacori Owens.  Smith is a natural yet tough scorer, while Owens brings size and athleticism to the floor.  Both are still continuing to develop their game but hold D1 offers.

One can also get another chance to talented guard 2020 6’3 Ford Cooper, who holds offers from Missouri State, Boston, and Tulane. 2020 6’3 Tristan Maxwell may be the biggest name on the team, as the 2020 shooting guard can simply light it up from the floor and carries offers from Gonzaga, USF, Providence, and NC State, among others as well.

2020 6’5 Daniel Ransom will continue to show what fans hope to see at Western Carolina, while 2020 6’4 Joshua Wiggins, 6’8 Anjay Cortez, and 6’5 Jheison Saunds all bring talent that can play at the next level.

Team Charlotte 17u – Herron will also be in attendance, with players like 2020 Kobe Funderburke and 2021 6’2 Joel Baucom leading the way.

Team Charlotte 16u

17u has a ton of talent but it continues down into the Charlotte 16u team.  2022 6’4 Jalen Hood-Schifino already carries offers from Virginia, Florida and others, as the talented young point guard is widely looked like one of the top guards in the country. Then you have unique scoring guards in 2021 5’11 Tony Waters, 6’3 Amarie Haynie, and 5’11 Kris Robinson, all bringing a unique skillset to the table.

2021 6’4 Bryce Alfino may be the next rising national talent for Team Charlotte, as the young man brings has all the tools to be a high major prospect.  Let’s not forget players like 6’6 Jaylin McClurkin, 6’6 Bryson Nesbit, and 6’8 Nate Brafford just to name a few.

Team Charlotte 15u

Don’t look past the young and rising prospects for 15u.  You can start looking at the next Devon Dotson like guard in 5’9 Trent Green III, as well as one of the top upcoming big men in 6’7 Jeremy Gregory.

6’4 Logan Blair brings size and mobility, while 6’2 Marcus Farley Jr. brings a toughness to the floor.  That is just to name a FEW of the outstanding young players this Team Charlotte has, as they all will be in attendance for the JMAC Showcase.