Fayetteville NC has been a hot bed of hoops in the state for some time now. When we got asked to come down to do the Team 252 Showcase, we knew we could not pass up the opportunity. The one team that really impressed on the day though was the NC Xpress 17u squad. This team had everything you could want as a scout and college coach. Size, skill, talent, and IQ were all through this team. Any teams looking for talent in the 2019/2020 class needs to make sure they check in here. Some of the names to know are as follows:

Kiera Williams, 6'1 2019 F – Legit size/length combo here. Owns the inside on both ends of the floor and has moves she can go to as needed to get a bucket for her team. Rebounds and defends with ease and is a next level player all day long. We were able to talk with her after her game today and she advised that right now no one is really on her as far as her recruiting goes. We were told High Point has checked in on her but we suspect that the more folks see her go, the more folks will be lining up to get her services.

Jacee Busick, 6' 2020 W – We really like this kids game. Super thin baller with a ton of game here. She almost put a double/double on the board in the first half alone. She can hit from the outside, showed a nice pull up jumper, and the skill to beat you off the dribble as needed. Plus motor is here to be had and we never saw her make a bad play. Outstanding floor here with a big time ceiling to go with it. Only going to get better. D1 talent all day long in our book.

Lauren Godwin, 5'10 2019 W – We love shooters and Lauren is a good one. She has easy range to the 3 point line, a quick release, and good form. Add in the fact that she's longer than most 2's are and you have a player that will be able to get a clean look more often than not. Right now we'd put her into that '3 and D' role as a player but the IQ and ability is here for her to give you more as a player.

Naveah Brown, 5'11 2019 F – One of the more interesting prospects we saw off this team in that we really can't peg her as a position at this point. She has the size of a 4 at the next level but runs the floor like a guard. She can rebound like a big but attacks the lane like a wing. While she shows a lot of versatility out on the floor she does not have any one area that she dominates in. She has a great motor and is the type of player that will always make an impact and fill up the box score based on effort alone. Lots to like here.

Kiana Carter, 5'6 2019 G – The 'short one' on this list has a big game on her as well. She just made plays for her team. She moves the ball well enough and facilitated the offense but isn't really a 1. She gives effort on the defensive end but isn't really a shut down defender. Can score for you as needed but isn't really a 2. There is a lot of thing she's 'not really' on the floor for you but what she is though is a player. This is the type of kid we want on the floor for us as we know we can get a solid effort out of her each time out. Not sure what her ceiling is but we'd take her into battle anytime.

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