The talent all throughout the weekend and the LIVE period was highly intriguing. College coaches could find next-level players of all levels, almost everywhere you looked.  One team that sometimes flew under the radar though was BMaze Biven 17u from Tennessee.  Getting a nice glimpse of the team in Rock Hill recently, there were a few players that should be on the radar for college coaches.

2022 5’10 Luke Lentz was one of the first players that stood out, as the small guard can fill up the scoresheet.  One of the scouts had this to say about Lentz’s game after watching him at the Coach Rick’s TOC.

“An extremely quick, physical guard who showed he is capable of being active on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Lentz really thrived breaking his defenders down off the dribble, and displayed his natural shooting stroke all day. He scores in bunches with the ability to shoot it from deep and create his own shot inside the mid-range area. The most impressive part about Lentz’s game is the pace he seems to play the game. He is hard to take out of his game ad consistently is able to play at the speed he wants to. Lentz has a natural ability to find his teammates for open jump shots, but put on full display his effective scoring here today.”

Another name that brought intrigue and played at a high level was 2022 6’1 Elijah Bredwood, as the guard showed good touch and sneaky athleticism on the court.  He played very consistently all throughout the weekend, attacking the rim, finishing strong, and showing nice touch on his perimeter shot.  He scored in all facets of the game and one can see why schools are offering him.

You also have 2022 6’3 Will Biven, who is another scorer on the floor and really showed a balanced feel with a little bounce in his game but also was a consistent shot-maker from the perimeter. He finished the Coach Rick’s TOC hitting 13 of his last 19 three’s and was one of the go-to scorers on the court.

BMaze Biven though proved themselves in Rock Hill and why more schools should really be taking a look their way; that they have next-level talent that can help a program win.