Phenom Hoops had the luxury of 40 highly talented teams come through our doors for June team camps. Each team wanted to utilize the platform to not only gain exposure for their players but also play against great competition. The competition at our team camps was fierce as we had numerous teams who played in last year's state championships, players who carry multiple Division 1 offers. The media coverage was excellent as each event trended on social media, we had numerous NCAA certified scouts in attendance and nationally read media was writing about the games and players.

It was the perfect platform, not only for new names to break out, but also known names to document a notable step forward. Here are some players who we all know, who appear to have taken the next step…

6'8' 2018 Robert Braswell
Phenom's Summer Jam – Session 2
Blythewood HS (Blythewood, SC)

By all accounts Braswell has had a great May/June. The length forward has displayed a full offensive arsenal and won a 5A state high jump championship. We don't want that last point to fall on deaf ears, so yes the 6'8' Braswell jumped 6'7' and WON a South Carolina 5A (SCs largest classification) State High Jump Championship. When you couple his incredible natural gifts with his skill set it is clear to see a very bright future for Braswell. He has range beyond the arc, he puts it on the floor for 1 and 2 dribbles into the mid-range and he attacks the rim and rebounds with length and athleticism. Still slender, he needs to add weight, but it is clear more schools need to jump in with Charlotte, Old Dominion, JMU, etc…with offers.

6' 2020 Evan Johnson
Phenom's Summer Jam – Session 1
Word of God (Raleigh, NC)

Johnson is a name that many people know, he has been listed on many national Top 100 lists for the last couple of years. Well, playing at powerhouse Word of God the last couple of years he has had to share the back court with Jalen Harris (Arkansas) and Blake Harris (Missouri). Needless to say they took care of the main ball handling duties and the pressure was off Johnson. In that time, Johnson played in many big games and groomed himself, he also developed a pure jump shot which he shoots with both confidence and consistency. Now it's Johnson's team to run and early returns are very positive. Already holding high major offers, he has a very bright future.

6'2' 2019 Mike Green
Phenom's Summer Jam – Session 2
Christian Academy (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Green has been a name that everyone has known dating back to middle school and his team's run at multiple AAU National Championships. However, there have always been questions about Green positionally. Now it appears Green is starting to answer many of those questions. He has shored up his ball handling giving the look of a true point guard. He has always been able to shoot, and he has taken that to the next level with his ability to create space with the jab step and pull up. Green is also a good finisher at the rim. Green has had some massive June outings with numerous games over 40 points, he should start to get offers as soon as July and he will get multiple ones as his reputation should dictate.

5'11' 2018 Kody Shubert
Phenom's Summer Jam – Session 1
Lincoln Charter (Denver, NC)

Shubert makes everyone on his team better. He creates opportunities for himself and gets open shots for everyone around him. Only standing 5'11' Shubert possesses a 40' vertical, as his team runs numerous lob plays for him. He is very strong at the rim and seemingly has eyes in the back of his head as he touches the paint at will. He currently carries 8 offers, from the likes of Georgia Southern, South Florida, Youngstown State and others. July will be very interesting for him, we are curious to see if more mid to mid-plus schools jump on board.

6'3 2018 Jaylan Alston
Phenom's Summer Jam – Session 1
Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC)

It is tough for a player who has no division 1 offers to take 'another step forward', but we are treating him as if he already had the offers he deserves. Alston led his Eastern Guilford team to the state championship game last year averaging 21.8 points, 10.6 boards, 3.2 assists and 2.3 steals per game. Yes, he should already carry 5+ offers, but for some unfathomable reason he does not. That said, Alston has taken his game to another level this Spring. He is a strong and explosive guard. He defends multiple positions and can handle the ball as a secondary ball handler. As you can see from his stat sheet last year, he pads the stat book and makes winning plays on both ends of the floor. At Phenom's Summer Jam, Alston led his team to an undefeated 3-0 record and he is a player that mid majors should be watching closely in July.

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