2024 Mason Smith (TCF Wildcats): Smith is a player that continues to attract my eyes with his play. We have watched him on countless occasions, and with his game and size, there is a lot of intrigue.' Smith is a 6'6 prospect that can be effective from so many levels; whether it is stepping out and being a threat from three (hit multiple threes throughout the event), or using his 6'6 frame to make plays inside the arc and in the paint. He can be a threat with his versatility and is coming off a good high school season but I expect more to be looking his way.

2024 Jaylen Sturdivant (Sandhills 17u): It was good to see Sturdivant back in action to get another viewing of his game, and he didn't disappoint. The 6'4 prospect continues to shine in a variety of ways, whether it is his size and ability to create, or showing more of his perimeter game. Today, the outside game was flowing, hitting multiple threes in rhythm to lead the charge. I expect more programs to look his way.

2023 David Peral (Team Official): The unsigned senior may not be flashy but he certainly brings production to the table for his team. Peral is a steady prospect on the court that plays with a high motor, knows how to produce around the basket, doesn't need to be the focal point in an offense to be effective, understands what is needed on the glass, and can be a presence defensively.' Peral just plays with that tough feel that is also consistent, as he showed all weekend long at the event.

2024 Ahmed Jawo (Basketpoint USA): We have talked about Jawo on multiple occasions, but he is one that still goes a bit under the radar. He also is one that the best is yet to come with his game, as he continues to progress nicely.' He has the size that you like and is one that simply makes an impact on both ends of the court. With his long wingspan, overall length, and mobility, he does a great job in altering and blocking shots as well as being all over the glass. He also shows the ability to be strong around the basket and at the rim, finishing with authority. Again though, we think the best is yet to come for the 6'8 prospect.