If you haven’t had a chance to watch York Prep in action this year, you should check them out.  They are looking like one of the top teams in the state of South Carolina, they have several talented players that could potentially play at the next level, and they absolutely get after it on the court.

The Patriots, under head coach Larry Davis, do a tremendous job in scoring the ball led by their guard play but what stands out the most about this group is their attitude on the defensive end.  This is a team that doesn’t possess a lot of height, so they get it done in other ways.

We recently got a chance to watch them against Cardinal Newman, along with several other instances as well in Phenom Hoops events.  This is a team that puts their body on the line and plays with a tough mentality, led by their head coach.

When talking to Coach Davis after the game recently, we had to ask him about the mentality he installs in his team on the defensive side.

He looks for this team to be tough, playing hard on both ends. He understands they aren’t blessed with size, so they can’t block shots… that is why they take so many charges, moving their feet well, getting into position, and simply making a play; it not only gets the team going but it is also some of the little things that will translate to the next level.

On the year, the Patriots have taken 99 total charges on the season, nearly averaging five or more a game. They come in with a game plan to put pressure on the offenses, force opponents into thinking quickly, and speeding up their play… which plays right into their hands.

Their defense helps lead to their offense.  There may not be a team out that that we have seen put their bodies on the line in taking charges more than York Prep does; they simply put on a clinic and it is one of many reasons why they are having a successful season.