Cam Scott Remains Legit

It really doesn’t take long for any basketball person to recognize the gifts that Cam Scott possesses. However, the notion that some folks are still not completely bought-in seems ridiculous. Scott is an elite offensive player, point blank. His IQ is through the roof, and it’s glaringly evident in the effortless, unselfish manner in which he approaches the game. Finding the balance between asserting oneself as an alpha and playing the right way is extremely difficult, but Scott has managed to do exactly that. His overall scoring package is pretty insane, especially in a free-flowing setting like Top 80. Whether the shot was simple or highly complex, defenders could do nothing other than hope for misses. Add in his playmaking instinct and off-ball ability, and Scott was nothing short of impressive. His lofty national ranking should be solidified at this point, but it’ll be exciting to see how much more the high-major wing can accomplish over the final two seasons of his high school career. 

Robert Moore Taking the Next Step

Anyone who has been around the Carolinas for the last few years should know about the massive success from the Porter Gaud and TMP programs. Following the special trio of Aaron Nesmith, Josiah James, and Jake Lanford was bound to be a tall task for any prospect(s), but it seems like Robert Moore is clearly next up. The tools and high-level flashes were easy to see, especially early on, but the 6-foot-6 wing prospect is clearly taking the next step in his progression. Moore is an extremely smooth, skilled, intelligent player with an excellent blend of vision, polish, and three-level scoring ability. During the camp, he found consistent success with or without the ball in his hands. He’s also a reliable playmaker and defender. Moore has all the tools to be an absolute force for the Cyclones going forward. Division I schools should be extending offers immediately. 

Hayden Assemian is a Problem

Securing the MVP award at a Top 80 Camp (both North and South Carolina) is a noteworthy achievement, and Hayden Assemian certainly earned every bit of acknowledgement from this past weekend. To call his showing anything other than dominant would be unfair. The strong, explosive forward/post prospect showcased an incredible combination of power, skill, footwork, and overall polish. For as physically imposing as Assemian was, his feel and touch around the basket were equally impressive. He handles and passes the ball well for his size, but can also simply overwhelm opponents by putting his head down and welcoming company around the rim. Assemian controlled the glass, blocked a ton of shots, and got whatever he wanted inside the paint. His upcoming season at Legacy Early College should be a coming-out party for the Division I talent.

Seniors Who Deserve More Recruitment

Although there were a lot of quality prospects on display, Brandon Crawford, Grayson Kirk, and Mychael Mitchell stood out as three guys who should be receiving more attention from college coaches. 

Starting with Crawford, who is a phenomenal rim-protecting big man with touch, length, mobility, and athleticism. His lack of scholarship-level offers is somewhat confusing, especially with the obvious understanding that he’ll only get better with continued strength development. Crawford is a great rim-runner who knows how to finish, rebound, block shots, and run the floor in transition. 

Meanwhile, Kirk is a guy who lost a lot of valuable playing opportunities this summer due to an unforeseen injury. He’s a smart, steady, well-rounded guard with size, toughness, and the ability to produce from either backcourt position. Kirk’s general adaptability should make him highly coveted amongst a variety of different programs. Perhaps coaches will feel differently during his upcoming senior season, where he should return as a clear leader for Lancaster. 

Rounding out the trio, Mitchell is a player who has always felt somewhat overlooked by the masses. Whether his unselfish approach or taking less for the betterment of the team, it’s easy to appreciate the selfless nature he brings to a team. Mitchell is an excellent defender, penetrator, and playmaker with IQ and well-rounded athleticism. He forces on-ball turnovers, pushes the break, and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands. Mitchell is a useful shooter and great finisher with the ability to mix it up as needed. He’s simply the type of guy folks would rather play with than against. Mitchell should be a very useful piece for Gray Collegiate.