Every year we come across players that simply go a bit under the radar in our opinion, but Phenom Hoops is here to bring awareness in a big way of unsigned seniors who should be targets for college programs.

One player that we continue to shed light on, and think can be an effective option on the court is 2024 David Mirikwe from Chapel Hill High School.† If you didnít know his name by now, Mirikwe certainly reminded everyone with his 26-point showing at the Phenom Lakesgiving this past weekend. But this isnít the first time we have written about his game, as the senior guard not only can shine with his athleticism and ability to create and get downhill but is a tremendous presence defensively as well.

We wrote about Mirikwe earlier this summer, and we had this to say:

ďWhen you talk about his game and impact, one canít deny his ability to make plays offensively. Whether it is his ability to create with strong handles and get inside the defense/paint touches as well as his ability to finish through contact and at the rim or showing more of his ability to knock down shots, Mirikwe steps up when needed offensively. But he also shines and takes pride in his impact defensively, being strong as an on-the-ball defender and playing with a tremendous motor.Ē

That stands true today as he continues to thrive as one of the clear leaders on the court for Chapel Hill.† It is time for him to earn his recognition, as he clearly is a player who can help a future program and should see his recruitment rise this season.