2018 6'0 PG Micheal Cottrell'Storm Elite (TN)

If you're looking for a PG with a high IQ, crafty handle, and ability to run a team look no farther than Cottrell. He's so smooth with lighting speed, and always finds his teammates for easy buckets. His passing is so superb that in one game he threw a half court bounce pass between two defenders to find his team for an easy bucket. On the defense end he gets after it as well. Coached need to see him ASAP.

2018 6'3 SG Stephen Cottrell'Storm Elite (TN)

Stephen is a tough player who gets after it every possession. Very smart player who does all the small things well. Cottrell has been consistent with his play all weekend. He's been scoring from everywhere all weekend long. His size and strength causes problems for opposing players. With his play this July he should draw attention from coaches

2018 6'7 F Roderick Smith'SR1 (MS)

Smith is BIG. He's a very solid athlete with great size. He has a large muscular frame which allows him to clear out space on both ends of the floor. His footwork inside the post is very good, and his moves are advanced. When he puts everything together he'll be one to watch. He already holds offers from most of the D1's in Mississippi but others should track him soon.

2018 6'5 SG Jordan Gibson'Higher Level (VA)

Gibson has all the tools one needs on the offensive end. There isn't much he can't do. He can drive it, mid-range pull up, and knock down shots from deep. For his position he has the size needed to defend and make it difficult on opposing players. Coaches who are looking for a steal need to check him out.

2018 6'3 SG Cameron Maddox'Team Vision (KY)

Maddox is a SHOOTER! His jumper is pure and he has a high release. He can also handle the ball really well. When attacking the basket he uses his size, as well as his elite offensive arsenal to get buckets. Coaches need to track him ASAP. He'll surely be one to watch over the next few months.

2018 6'8 F Isiah Moore'Upward Stars SE (SC)

Moore was really well the last 2 days here at Summer Havoc Live. He scored with his jumper and got easy dunks in transition as well as back door cuts. For his size he shoots the ball really well from midrange and beyond the arc. Coaches should really start to track him over the next few weeks. As he adds strength to his frame, his game can only increase.