Top Leaders 

  • Elijah Jamison (Liberty Heights) – Strong / physical guard. He has done a tremendous job leading the way for Coach Wright and Liberty Heights. He has shown the ability to really lead a team. The guard is extremely explosive and I have yet to see anyone keep him out the lane.  
  • Jamarii Thomas (The Burlington School) – It is amazing to me that no Division 1 school has offered him a scholarship. I’ve seen him go up against a lot of division 1 players in the past few weeks and he has been one of the best players on the court every game. He plays with so much passion and energy. He is an exceptional leader and you can tell that people love playing with him. 
  • Justin Taylor (Carmel Christian) – This past weekend was my first time seeing him play in a while. He was extremely good. The one thing that really stood out to me was the way he controlled the pace of the game. He made the right play almost every time down the court. He showed the ability to score at the rim and made shots from the perimeter. 

Top Shooters

  • Trae Benham (Concord Academy) – The lefty can flat out shoot the ball. He plays with so much confidence. He believes every shot is going in before it leaves his hands. Lipscomb is not just getting a shooter. Every time I watch him play, he is extremely tough and not scared to battle and dive on the floor. 
  • PJ Edwards (Liberty Heights) – I look for his recruitment to take off. His game is really smooth. He is much more than just a shooter. He scores so well it looks effortless. Not only can he score, but he can lock down others team best scoring threat. 
  • Jarvis Moss (Cannon School) – He was absolutely phenomenal this weekend. He scored a game high 32 points. He scored at all three levels. He looked extremely comfortable and confident. Scored in transition, made shots off the bounce, and knocked down catch & shoot 3’s. Look for Jarvis to have a big year for Cannon. 
  • Kris Robinson (Combine Academy) – He is a Microwave. He can get it going really quick. Has the ability to really change the game and change it fast with how well he can shoot. 

Top Bigs 

  • Jonas Aidoo (Liberty Heights) – What makes him special is his ability to be great on both sides of the ball. He is an extremely special talent. He has a great feel for the game. Runs the floor really well. Great hands when catching dump off passes and lobs. Tremendous touch scoring around the rim and on the perimeter. 
  • Omarion Bodrick & Jacori Owens (Combine Academy) – I love the way that these two compete every game. They both play with so much energy and passion. They do a great job controlling the interior defense by taking charges and blocking shots. Scored on put backs, dump offs, and lobs. Every coach dream to have two guys who can cause so much chaos for the opposing team. 
  • Jeremy Gregory (North Meck) – One of the best performances I have seen this year. This past weekend he went for 42 points and 15 rebounds. He is Mr. Production. He gets the job done every game. He is a stat sheet stuffer. Great touch and hands around the basket. Can step out and hit mid-range jumpers as well. He is going to have another big year for the defending state champions. 
  • Christian Reeves (Cannon School) – Wow!! He was really impressive this weekend. He impacted the game on both ends of the floor. He altered / blocked multiple shots. He rebounded the ball extremely well. He has a great skill set and a soft touch around the rim. 
  • Brandon White (Winston Salem Christian) – He has great frame / strong body. He runs the floor really well in transition. He continues to show us that he is able to score in the post. Does a great job battling on the boards. Attacks both the offensive and defensive glass really hard. 

Highest Upside

  • Jordan Wildly (Winston-Salem Christian) – I’ve had the chance to watch Jordan Wildly multiple times in past few weeks and he has been the most impressive player on the court. Every time I walk away from his game, I think to myself that Iona definitely got a steal. He makes a huge impact on the game with his length and size. He is able to guard multiple positions. 
  • Cade Tyson (Carmel Christian) – Has a chance to be really good. He showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and make plays for himself and others. He also has the ability to score at all three levels. Has the ability to beat you from the inside and outside. He is a really confident shooter with great range.
  • Corneilius Williams (Moravian Prep) – The 6’10 forward has a really quick 1st and 2nd jump. He is someone who can play the 3, 4, and 5. He can guard multiple positions. He does a great job finishing at the rim and shown the ability to knock down mid-range jump shots.
  • Treyvon Byrd (Bull City National) – Early in the season he has been playing really well. He has done a great job getting into the lane and finishing at the rim. He really excels in transition. He is able to shoot passing lanes and get a lot of steals.
  • Kuluel Mading (The Burlington School) – The long wiry forward continues to improve every time I watch him play. He has gained the confidence to create off the bounce and make plays. He does a great job running in transition and playing off penetration. He uses his length to alter/block shots. 

Hardest Worker

  • Blane St. Clair (Davidson Day) – In both games this weekend he was the hardest worker on the court. There wasn’t one play when he took a play off. He is more athletic than people give him credit for. He has an excellent basketball IQ and does all the little things to help his team.
  • Ben Burnham (Carmel Christian) – He is absolutely everywhere on the court. He is extremely bouncy. He uses his length and athleticism really well to finish plays at the rim and block shots on defense. His versatility allows him to be a mismatch nightmare for his opponents. 

Can’t Guard Me Players

  • Robert Dillingham (Combine Academy) – The shifty guard is a must watch. Every time he has the ball, I think he is going to do something special. He has a unique ability to finish around the rim and can absolutely shoot the cover off the ball. 
  • LJ Thomas (Bull City National) – He has been really impressive so far this season. He is really good with the ball in his hands. The strong shifty guard can score it at all 3 levels. 

Players to Watch Out For 

  • Wesley Tubbs III (Northside Christian) – The 6’7 wing was really good this weekend. Good basketball IQ and vision. 
  • Bryce Cash (Charlotte Christian) – High IQ, great frame. He was able to get into the paint and score at the rim. 
  • Eli Ellis (Moravian Prep) – Very mature for his age and grade. Highly skilled and plays with poise beyond his years.