All throughout the college basketball landscape, several players are earning more minutes and taking advantage of the opportunities ahead of them. One player that we recently watched was sophomore Maliq Brown, a player we have been quite familiar with over the years, as far back as when he was a freshman at Blue Ridge.

Brown is averaging 9.7ppg and 5.7rpg this season but his minutes and production have certainly increased in the last four games, including having his best outing against Duke with 26 points and 7 rebounds.

In his last four games, here are his stats and minutes:

vs. Oregon: 13pts, 2rebs, 4stls, 26 minutes
vs. NIA: 15pts, 10ebs, 2asts, 24 minutes
vs. Pittsburgh: 15pts, 8rebs, 31 minutes
vs. Duke: 26pts, 7rebs, 1stl, 33 minutes

On the season, he has been averaging just under 24 minutes of action but Brown has seen his production increase with more minutes, as the sophomore has continued to blossom both offensively and defensively. When you watch him, he continues to flourish as a player who brings size, moves well all around the court, makes a strong presence with his athleticism, and is one that can be an effective scorer with his skill set. He has shown that over the years and has only added more to his game since being at Syracuse. And we don’t think this trend is going to slow down, as Brown has certainly shown he is one of Syracuse’s best players.

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