6'0 '23 Treymane Parker (Flight 22 Fayetteville)
There wasn't a single prospect in attendance over the weekend with more long-term upside than
Treymane Parker. He's the younger brother of North Carolina legend Kwe Parker, but there's a
real possibility that he could be much better than his talented sibling. Parker has an incredible
feel for the game and it's clear in the way he runs a team. He has such an intelligent, well-
rounded game and rarely has a miscue on the floor. Parker is extremely unselfish, almost to the
point of needing to be more aggressive in hunting his shot (which is efficient on all three levels).
Defensively, he is already equipped to defend multiple positions at a high level. As far as seventh
graders go, Parker is elite, and will be one of the best prospects in the Class of 2023 sooner than

6'8 '19 Jace McKenny (Team WBC)
Team WBC was one of the strongest teams across the 17U division, littered with prospects and
intriguing talent. That being said, Jace McKenny was on another level all weekend and certainly
needs to be a priority for a number of Division I coaches going forward. His incredible
athleticism is already well-documented, but it's his blossoming perimeter game that has begun to
jump off the page. McKenny has continuously sharpened his skillset over the last year and now
appears more comfortable handling the ball and creating opportunities outside of the paint. He is
still improving as a defender, but certainly has a nose for the ball and will block anyone who
threatens his area. The 6-foot-8 forward deserves his due diligence, which should come in time.

6'2 '23 Cedavion Wimbley (Flight 22 Fayetteville)
While there was a strong amount of talent at the high school levels, one could argue that the
middle school age groups were actually stronger. Flight 22 Fayetteville got better as the weekend
carried on, but Cedavion Wimbley broke out of his shell before bracket play and was one of the
most impressive prospects at any age division. He is already capable of doing everything on the
basketball court, but still has a massive amount of upside left to attain. Wimbley showcased the
ability to play either guard position at a high level; he's capable of creating for himself or others,
whichever is needed. Despite his young age, Wimbley was one of the most intelligent
playmakers on display over the weekend, and has certainly drawn our attention going forward.

6'9 '20 Myles Evans (NC Empire)
The NC Empire team is very intriguing when Myles Evans is showing aggression and making
plays on both ends. The 6-foot-9 big man simply knows how to monitor the paint and
accumulate one blocked shot after another. He needs to become laterally quicker in order to
anchor the paint at a high level in the collegiate ranks, but has already made phenomenal strides
towards his upside. Evans was consistent all weekend, showing off his ability to score, rebound,
and play disciplined basketball. There are numerous programs that could utilize Evans, but only
he can decide when to make that next leap on the court.

6'0 '23 Malik Brunson (Carolina Warriors)
Over the weekend, there were precisely zero players who could match the game-to-game
intensity of Malik Brunson. Right now, he's between positions, but usually is slotted at one of
the forward spots. Regardless, Brunson gets after it on every possession, never walking up the floor or giving up on a play. He, without question, had the highest motor in attendance and won
his team a lot of extra possessions as a result. While his motor stands out, Brunson was a very
competent ball-handler, passer, and scorer as well. Brunson put his heart on the court every
single game, and it certainly paid off.