Palmetto City Hurricanes
5'8 '22 Jazian Gortman- The wing prospect was the most polished player on either team during
their first contest. He does a lot of things well, but his ability to generate and convert shots on a
regular basis is pretty uncommon, especially for his age. Gortman has a quality IQ and feel for
the game while also displaying great anticipation skills on defense. The future is bright for this
young man and he still has ample time to develop.
5'8 '23 Chrisean Oree- The youngest player on the floor was Oree, a combo-guard that already
looks well beyond his age. He's long and active on defense, able to force turnovers or simply get
stops with no issue. Oree is very comfortable on both sides of the ball and certainly does not look
younger than his teammates. He displays a quality IQ along with a lot of poise. There is
definitely a lot of tools evident in the guard prospect.

Greensboro Warriors
5'11 '22 Aaron Fent- The role of a glue-guy has various different identities, but Fent looked
terrific in that spot today. He plays with a non-stop motor and runs the floor gracefully. Fent
doesn't look to force any of the action, because he'd rather just keep the ball moving. That being
said, he can provide some ball-handing whenever necessary and initiate offense for the team.
Fent has a wiry frame and is likely to continue adding strength.
6'0 '22 Ahmad Serrano- One could make a real argument that Serrano has the most upside on
this team, given his advanced physical frame and potential to grow as an offensive player. The
wing prospect makes a lot of plays in transition, on both sides of the ball, and can finish pretty
well at the rim. His well-rounded game should allow him to remain relevant, as long as he
continues improving and playing hard.

Carolina Knights
6'0 '20 Javen Chandler- The main leader for this team is Chandler, a strong-bodied guard with
two-way ability. He is among the top ball-handlers and shot creators on this squad, but his real
role is as a do-it-all player. Chandler truly does a quality amount of everything, from defending
to rebounding, but only shows an interest in winning. He displays a solid feel for the game,
especially with the ball in his hands.
6'0 '20 Bryce Causey- The off-guard made his imprint on this game from the very first
possession. He stretched the floor and utilized his shooting ability quite well, especially in
transition, where he knocked down one attempt after another. Causey understands his role as
well as anyone on the team and has great success as a result. He's not flashy, just effective, and
plays the game the right correct way.

Team Cobras
5'3 '21 Kadyn Dawkins- Though small, there should be no question about Dawkins' ability to
run a team from the point guard position. He's been a familiar face for us, but he has done a lot
of developing over the last six months. Dawkins is a crafty playmaker with the ability to create
offense for himself or others while also applying pressure as a three-level scorer. There is a lot to
like with Dawkins natural guard instincts, but there is plenty of reason to believe the high-IQ
prospect will only continue to improve.
5'11 '21 Ayden Gamble- The most reliable two-way player for Team Cobras was Gamble, a
long-bodied wing prospect that made his presence known throughout this contest. Offensively,
he finished strong inside and shot the ball efficiently from all over the floor, but only took quality
attempts from the field. He has an excellent frame for his position and should continue to pose
problems for opponents, on both ends of the floor.

RNS Sports
5'11 '21 Isaiah Taylor Jones- Whenever RNS was in need of a leader, Jones emerged and did
whatever was needed. He's a guard that plays multiple positions on this team, but has clear
instincts as a playmaker and scorer. Jones is a quality athlete that'll surprise opponents with his
leaping ability, especially on rebounds, where he was able to frequently secure boards over
bigger/stronger players. He plays with great activity and shows a firm understanding of how to
create opportunities for the team.
5'11 '21 Jaylen Lee- The guard prospect was another one of the main contributors for RNS, able
to assert his will on both ends of the floor while consistently making plays for others. Lee is a
scrappy defender and displays a high motor at all times. The backcourt of Jones and Lee was
very troublesome for opposing guards to handle.

Upward Stars Richmond
6'2 '20 Kylon Lewis- Another game and another impressive showing for Lewis, who has
continued to carry most of the offensive load for this squad. It would be difficult to find much
fault with his play over the week, considering how consistent he's been. Lewis is a legitimate
Division I prospect worth noting, and he can still improve, which should be a scary thought for

Team Nova
6'5 '21 Cephas Wilson-Bahun- In terms of tools and sheer upside, few players were more
intriguing than Wilson-Bahun. He has a long, useful wingspan and understands how to alter an
abundance of shots around the rim. Wilson-Bahun plays really hard and runs the floor pretty
well, but it'll be interesting to see how he grows going forward, physically and by skillset.

Chapel Hill Bulldogs
5'10 '21 Drew Redmon- The leader by example on this team is clearly Redmon; he's extremely
unselfish and often looks to play within the team concept. He creates fairly well and makes the
most of his scoring opportunities on offense, but also does his fair share of playmaking for
others. Redmon isn't the most physically imposing player, which is fine, since he does a pretty
solid job of utilizing his fundamentals. The point guard was arguably the best player in this
game, and didn't need to score a ton to prove that notion.