Team Charlotte

6'3 '19 Chico Carter Jr.- The South Carolina product was one of the most impressive guards across the final slate of games. Carter is so difficult for opponents to deal with, since he requires so much respect, both with the ball and when spotting-up. He's dynamic and it was fairly obvious in this contest.


6'5 '19 Deangelo Epps- The two-way wing was the most versatile prospect on either side of the ball, given his ability to defend three positions comfortably at this level. He is incredibly strong and knows how to bully opponents all game long.


Team CP3

5'10 '22 Cameron Oates- In terms of leadership and high IQ, few point guards were better than the young CP3 floor general. He consistently made plays for others and got to the rim whenever he desired. Oates is quick and frequently leaves opponents in the dust off the dribble.


6'9 '19 BJ Mack- In the final contest of the day, the big man was vital to Team CP3s success, given his continuous flow of buckets inside the paint. Mack battled through a lot of physical play down low and was fairly efficient with his touches, scoring in a variety of ways and getting to the line quite often.


Team Wall

6'8 '19 Jake van der Heijden- There was a lot of intrigue surrounding Team Wall, but van der Heijden was arguably the best prospect on the floor. The silky-smooth forward simply understands how to create scoring opportunities for himself. He's constantly improving as a rebounder and rim-protector, so it'll be interesting to see what schools begin to pursue him over these next few months.


6'10 '19 Deaundre Wilkins- The development of Wilkins has been something to watch, since he's steadily grown into the very intriguing rim-protector we see today. The big man blocked a ton of shots and snatched an abundance of rebounds on Sunday, while showing great promise on offense.


Team Felton

6'3 '19 Jackson Gammons- In one of the biggest matchups of the day, Gammons arose as the best guard prospect on the floor. He scored exceptionally well on all three levels while adding quality secondary ball-handling and passing throughout this game. Gammons should certainly become a hot commodity during July.


6'0 '19 KJ Marshall- The Felton lead guard had some huge moments throughout their contest against Team Wall. He hit a lot of big shots down the stretch and was ready to step up whenever the team needed a bucket. Defensively, Marshall is about as technically sound as they come and did a nice job of shutting down his assignment in this game.