North Carolina ICE

6'2 '21 Lorne Green- The long-bodied forward was critical to his team's success in the championship game, running the floor, fighting for rebounds, and utilizing his length on both ends of the floor. He's the glue-guy of this ICE squad and it shows through his ability to control action without needing the ball. Green made a noticeable impact and the team was clearly better with him on the floor, but he'll need to continue adding strength to his frame and sharpening his offensive abilities to maximize his potential.


6'0 '21 Ryan Roberts- Though Green was the glue-guy, Roberts was certainly the most reliable player for ICE; he's an off-guard, but he has the ability to bring the ball up and initiate offense or create for teammates on drive attempts. Roberts has great positioning on both ends of the floor, which is a big part of why he's a solid defender. He scores efficiently on three levels and displayed the ability to generate shots for himself off the bounce or spot-up, both resulting in success.


D-1 Dynasty

5'8 '21 Nakiem Scott- The heady lead guard was arguably the best player on the floor during the 15U Silver Championship today. He's extremely quick and showcases a lot of craftiness when looking to create for others. Scott got into the lane with ease and consistently made plays, whether by pass or finishing it himself, and showed a lot of IQ on both sides of the floor. His athleticism and feel for the game made a difficult pairing for opponents.


6'0 '21 De'Andre Gourdine- There was no 15U prospect on display that was more physically imposing than Gourdine. He is big and strong, yet has the quickness and ball-skills of a guard. Gourdine is a problem in transition and will put his teeth on the rim if opponents allow it. His versatility is pretty strong on both ends of the floor; he's able to defend multiple positions, while consistently creating opportunities for himself around the basket.


Team Renegades Elite

6'5 '21 Broderick Ellis- The combo-forward was one of the most intriguing prospects on display at CP3 Live. He has great length and is blessed with an excellent wingspan, which he knows how to properly utilize on defense and the glass. Ellis is able to defend multiple positions pretty well and also showcases a willingness to protect the rim. His best basketball is coming, so it'll be interesting to see how much he continues to grow.


6'4 '21 Sam Perez- The other combo-forward was Perez, who displayed his smoothness and ability to score with efficiency. He runs the floor well and is pretty skilled for the current stage in his development. Perez fights hard on the glass and plays with a solid motor, but like Ellis, his upside is fairly attainable, and there is reason to believe that he'll continue to improve.


6'3 '21 Luke Sales- The wing prospect was incredible in their last outing of the day, claiming their championship title. Sales was a killer in transition and truly put this team over the top with his second-half performance. He's a solid spot-up guy, but opponents really struggled with Sales when he led the fast break or penetrated from the wing.


Team Loaded Griggs

5'8 '21 Dean Hunter- Though undersized, the guard prospect knows how to take advantage of opponents on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he can be found spotting-up and stretching out the defense with his high-level shooting ability. On the other end, Hunter is a decent on-ball defender with the ability to force turnovers. That being said, he's a shooter through and through; his role is quite important on this team, as their main spot-up threat.


6'6 '21 Joseph Ferrante- The closest thing to a big man on this team is Ferrante, but his polish as scorer tends to draw him out to the perimeter. At 6-foot-6, he's a difficult assignment for opponents to contain, especially given his guard skills and phenomenal face-up ability. He can create for himself, spot-up, or set up on the low block and punish opponents. Ferrante is a leader by example on this team and will continue to improve defensively.


Myrtle Beach Phenoms

5'8 '20 James Marques- The combo-guard may not look particularly dominant, but he was one of the best players in this championship game and never wavered from his style of play. Offensively, Marques is able to handle the ball or play without it and thrives at both; he is quick off the bounce and can score effectively from all three levels. He utilized intelligent angles and made the most of his touches throughout this contest.


6'3 '20 Timothy Steele- The big-bodied post is able to create mismatches with his interesting blend of size and perimeter shooting. He's built like a modern day football player, which basically entails everyone clearing the lane when he gets going downhill. Steele rebounded the ball quite well and effectively cleared out space around the basket when fighting on the glass. He also showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and play alongside another big man.


Virginia Havoc

6'6 '20 Brendan McCaffrey- The face-up forward was the best overall prospect from this last game, given his size, clearly defined skillset, and ability to constantly pose matchup problems for opponents. McCaffrey displays a quality IQ and overall feel for the game, and his modernized skillset is perfect for the direction basketball is headed. He scored well from all levels in this contest.


5'9 '21 Brandon Herman- As one of the youngest players on this team, it was a pleasant surprise to see Herman play at such a strong level. He's more of a lead guard, but he certainly has the ability to spot-up and play without the ball whenever necessary. Herman plays tougher than opponents think; he still has additional upside remaining and plenty of time to reach his potential.