AJ Davis

The last few years Phenom Hoops Report has held a team jamboree in Greensboro as a way to help kick off the summer. Some strong teams came together for this event so that means there are a ton of players to do reviews on. If you did not get to make it out to the action here are some of the players you missed:

Andrew Freeman, 6'4 2017 W at Riverside HS – I have seen Andrew a few times now both in AAU play as well as in HS play last year. On the plus side he is a solid shooter with range out beyond the arch and when he is hot can carry a team for stretches. When he is locked in he can also be a very solid piece on the glass as well as he knows how to use his size and athletic ability to get it done. The minuses here are that you never know which Andrew will show up, shot selection, and defense. When Andrew is on he is a factor. When he's not he might as well be on the bench as he will not give you much on the floor. I have seen him go on streaks where he can't miss and shoot his team to a win and I have seen him not be able to throw it in the ocean from the pier with the wind blowing out too. If he can lock in and give a consistent effort every time out then I think you will see the consistent results to follow. The kid CAN play the game. For Riverside to have the season they want he is going to have to be on more often than not. If he can do that expect good things for the Pirates as well as for Andrew's stock as a prospect.

Dezmond Wood, 6'2 2019 G at Riverside HS – Dezmond is one of those players that you watch play and instantly like his game. He is all hustle and energy and effort and seems to find a way to be a factor in the game. The thing is though what position do you list him as' He's not shown the skills to be a 1, but he can make plays for others. He has not shown the consistent shot or range to be a 2 but he has shown to be a productive scorer from the wing. He does not have the size to play/defend the 3 yet he has the motor and drive to be a factor on the glass for his team. The best way to describe him is just as an athlete and as a player for now. He still has time to grow his game and work on his shot going forward and if his game grows while keeping that motor of his in gear he is going to be a solid player for the Pirates going forward.

AJ Davis, 6'1 2017 G at Riverside HS – The last few years at Riverside it seems like a senior steps up to the plate and fills a void left behind due to graduation. Look for AJ to be that player this year. He is an athletic player that knows what is expected of him out on the floor and goes out and delivers. He is an active defender and shows aggression when on the offensive end. He also showed the ability to step out and shoot the 3 here in this event which will be huge for his team as other teams will not be able to load up on Freeman to shut down the Pirates 3 point game. He averaged 6 a game last year as per the stats on maxpreps, don't be shocked if he doubles that output this year.

Isaiah Reddish, 6'4 2017 W at Riverside HS – Isaiah is back after a strong junior year that saw him go for 10 a game to with 5 boards a game as per stats in maxpreps. Reddish is one of those active live body athletes that will always find a way to put up respectable numbers based on how hard he lays. Like a lot of these types of players though he is more athlete than anything else right now. He has next level athletic ability but does not have the skill to really hold a spot on the floor right now at the next level. He is going to have to grow his outside game and get more skilled on the ball if he wants to see his stock grow as a prospect. Love the athlete here but the player has a ways to go.

Chisom Obidike, 6'8 2017 F at Comenius – Chisom is a strong bodied power player that knows how to play to his strengths. He is a very verbal player that seems to enjoy the game and plays it hard. One thing I did notice here is that even though he has the size you look for he does not have that explosive nature to his game. It is more of a grind it out and wear you down type game than it is overpower you or blow by you with bounce. Not a very fluid player and got beat on the glass by more explosive 6'2 player in the one I saw. If I am a coach looking for a guy to bring passion and strength to a team I am taking a look here. If I am looking for a lot of upside though he may not be my first look.

Lots more to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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