Here are some standouts from Day 2 from Jason Porter

July for a high school baller means one thing, NCAA Live Period. This is the time of year when colleges file into gyms to get a look at the top talent available and often times leads to offers. Summer Havoc kicks off July with a bang as only Phenom Hoops can do it. Over the next few days I will share some of the standout players and performances on display. Day 2's standouts are as follows:

Josiah James, 6'5 2019 G at porter Gaud (SC) – WOW! Not been this impressed by a 2019 kid yet this year. He has star level ability and will no doubt end up as one of the most pursued kids in his class in the state. He has size, speed, vision, and that 'it' factor to his game that most don't have. He is very comfortable with the ball in his hands and has the skill set to be a star at the 1 or the 2. His outside shot needs work as he is not that accurate from deep but everything about this kids game is strong already. To be this good so young it almost does not seem fair. If I'm buying stock, I go all in on this young star in the making.

Anyang Atem, 6'11 2019 F at Elevation Prep Academy – Keeping with the trend of young players to watch this is another kid to put away in the memory banks. He is as raw as they come at this stage of the game as well as painfully thin but its not often you find a kid this long with so much untapped potential to work with either. As you'd expect his defense is well ahead of his offense right now but at least the defense is fairly strong. He challenges everything close and is a decent shot blocker already. He needs about 50 pounds of weight and muscle (I did say painfully thin) but as he fills out and matures as you know he will it will only make him that much more of a prospect. Needs to also lean to keep the all high as right now he tends to bring everything down. Bottom line on this kid though is that he is one of those kids that is going to land a D1 regardless as long as he has the grades. He is too long and can get up and down the floor too good to not have someone take a shot on him. The more he fills out and the better his offensive game gets the higher he will go. Very bright future on this kid.

Xavier Williams, 6'8 2018 F at Parker HS (AL) – Today has been the day of long skinny forwards with tons of potential. Add this kids name to the list. He makes rice look fat but he is very active and plays with a bit of an edge to him. He contests everything he can get within range of, runs the floor like a guard, and has shown he can get it done on the glass. He was just too athletic for the other teams size to handle. As his body matures if he can maintain that athletic ability then he will be a real problem to match-up with. He is showing signs of a face up game with range out to 3 but he needs to dial it in more before you have to really worry about him with this part of his game. He had a very strong showing here today and the scary part is he is only going to get better. Another high potential kid worth watching here at this event.

Darius Bryant, 5'8 2017 G at Lexington HS – Kid put on a scoring show in front of a ton of college coaches in his game versus Team SC. He came out the gate with the hot hand and never stopped scoring throughout. He hit 3's, he scored in transition, he got guys off the bounce with the pull-up. Even his misses looked good. He was simply on fire. His lack of size is clearly an issue and he will face issues on D at the next level but this kid is tough and proved today he can score with anyone. He would be better off as a prospect to grow his PG game some as he has the handles and speed to e a good one if he so chooses I think. Kid picked a great time to have a huge game.

Kenneth Murphy III, 6'1 2018 G at Cary Academy – This kid knows how to kick off his live period campaign in style having come out in the 1st half of his 1st game to hit 4 3's. He has as pretty a shot as you will find here this weekend and more often than not wen given a clean look he will find the bottom of the net. As has been the case with a lot of the kids on this list today he is on the skinny side but as game is built around his jumper he can get away with being a tad light for now. His body is going to fill out and as it does it can only add to an already solid game. I need to see him move more without the ball going forward as he can have a tendency to be more of a spot up guy right now but as long as he shoots it like he has here I can even live with that. Great start to this event for this talented shooter!

Lots of great action going on all weekend long. Be on the lookout for news and notes. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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