Phenom Hoops continues to look at programs that hope to be getting on the courts soon. We hope that as well but it is never to early to start looking at some of the players for travel ball programs.

This time, we spoke with coach Rod Williams from the NLPB204 2023, as he brings in some young and very intriguing talent from around the state to the floor. The program really has a chance to make a name for themselves with the talent and it starts with their 2023 team. Check out the names to watch this year.

#0 Shamar Foster 5’11 Combo Guard (JF Webb)

Coach’s Thoughts: Foster is two-sport athlete. He has become a combo guard this year as a high school player at J.F Webb JV where he led his team in assists per game. Foster is the starting guard on the basketball court and starting safety for J.F Webb varsity football team. Foster is probably one of the best passers on NLPB204 C/O 23 summer team.

#1 Markeevis Latta 5’10 PG (JF Webb)

Coach’s Thoughts: Latta plays on the JF Webb Varsity Team as a freshman.  Only 2 freshman suited up varsity for J.F Webb HS. Latta scored over 100 points this season and looks to be one of top guards on Next Level Prospects. He has played for Coach Williams since 6th grade and has made plenty of game-winners. He shows up in big game with big plays.

#2 Jhalil Fritz 6’3 Wing (Henderson Collegiate)

Coach’s Thoughts: Fritz plays JV for one of the top 1A program in the state of NC at Henderson Collegiate. Fritz is a key player for his JV team. Fritz plays with a lot of energy on offense and defense. He will be one of the main defensive players for NLPB204 as he is very long and has a lengthy body frame.

#3 Jakwon McKnight 6’5 Wing (JF Webb)

Coach’s Thoughts: McKnight has become a big name for the 2023 class. McKnight led Phenom Hoops Camp with 23ppg. 6’5 wing with a 6’10 wing span. He can score on three levels and he can block shots; he is continuing to work more on mechanics with his ball handling. McKnight scored over 100 points as a freshman on varsity at J.F Webb, which he started numerous games.

#4 Aquavion Trotman 6’0 Combo Guard (JF Webb)

Coach’s Thoughts: Trotman is a combo guard for NLPB204.  Trotman has played for Coach Williams middle school team where he was the leading scorer and the offensive player of the year. Trotman is a 2-way player and an athletic slasher that finishes well.

#10 Grady Whitt 6’` PG (Leesville HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Whitt is Carter Whitt younger brother and plays varsity for Leesville HS, where he is the backup PG of his brother Carter. Playing as a starting guard for NLPB204, Whitt can score and pass at all levels. Whitt has a very high IQ for the game of basketball. Whitt shoots the 3 ball at a high level and he will be the best passer on NLPB204 2023 team.

#11 Jarrod Lyons 5’8 PG (South Granville HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Lyons is the starting Guard for SGHS JV team. Lyons is a knockdown shooter and will shoot the ball a lot for NLPB. Lyons shoots the 3-ball at a high level; he shot 40% from the 3pt line.

#13 Khawan Bobbitt 6’3 (South Granville HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Bobbitt is the backup guard for Bobby Pettiford. Bobbitt is a 2-sport athlete and is a big part of NLPB 2023 team. He has so many roles on this team with his leadership, scoring abilities, and he plays all positions 1-5 on the court. He can defend at any position and he is the starting QB on his varsity football team so his passing vision is high.

#14 Jared Reed 5’8 (Granville Central HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Reed is a shooter and has been playing for Coach Williams for 2.5 years. Jared plays with a great motor. He is a catch and shoot type player and we run plays for him to come off screens to knock down shots.

#15 Traejon Davis 6’5 (Vance County HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Davis plays varsity for 3A Vance County high school, playing the 4 and 5 position.  Davis has raw talent but is really athletic and strong.  He is a long, athletic forward that runs the floor. Davis’ summer will help his confidence and his basketball skills for high school.  He also finishes strong around the rim and rebounds at a high level.

#23 Chris Jones 6’4 (Vance County HS)

Coach’s Thoughts: Jones is a 2-sport athlete for 3A Vance County High School. Chris played started on the JV team for VCHS and he was a major part of their success. Jones is a big strong body that can score at 3 levels and defend all positions. 

#24 Zach Hargrove 6′ (Henderson Collegiate)

Coach’s Thoughts: Hargrove plays for one of the best 1A schools in the state of NC (Henderson Collegiate).  He is on the JV team and he brings a lot of passion to the 2023 class with NLPB.  Zack is a playmaker that plays hard every possession; Hargrove is very coachable and eager to learn.