Jamie Shaw:

5’10” 2020 Ty Santana Turner
Upward Stars Columbia

Like the scorer award, there were a couple of guys up for this nomination, however, it was Turner who went viral on multiple occasions this weekend. Built like a slot receiver, with that same quick-twitch, if Turner gets out in transition you better go ahead and stand up as he is going above the rim. He has crazy bounce, getting his elbows to the rim and a fearless mentality when attacking the basket. Looking at his overall game, he made jump shots out to 3 and he straps on defense for 94 feet. A lot to like here but his explosion is unnatural.

Jeff Bendel:

6’5 ’22 Wesley Tubbs (Charlotte Supreme)

This one is somewhat cheating, since Tubbs isn’t really a guard. However, he is very explosive and actually moves like a guard. Tubbs has a ton of athleticism for a player of his age/size, but his versatility and two-way upside is what could make him a special prospect.

Miles Masercola:

5’11 2020 Ty Turner: Upward Stars Columbia (Joye)

Turner had a handful of jaw-dropping moments throughout the weekend.  Grabbing lay-up attempts off the glass, jumping over defenders on dunk attempts, and just being a general menace when attacking the cup made Turner must-see TV for college coaches and the Phenom Staff alike this weekend.  We need a camera on him at all times.