Jamie Shaw:

6’7” 2021 Ben Burnham
Team Knicks

After he played, Burnham had everyone asking about him. He walks on the court and does not pass the eye test, however he will block shots at the top of the square and get tip back dunks or catch back door lobs on top of the oppositions bigs every game. With highly explosive players like Kwashek Breeden and Omarion Bodrick in the event, it was Burnham who had most of the crowd talking after each one of his games. Burnham’s game from the high post has developed and his touch is extending further away from the basket.

Miles Masercola:

6’4 2021 Akhiris Holden: Royal Knights

Holden is an undersized forward that makes up for it with insane vertical ability.  He finds a way to play a productive brand of basketball while making the occasional momentum swinging play with his vertical abilities.  A lot to like here with Holden moving forward.  

Jeff Bendel:

6’6 ’21 Ben Burnham (Team Knicks)

He doesn’t necessarily looklike the guy that will dunk all over the opposition, but that describes Burnham quite well. He’s a long, wiry forward with nice rebounding and offensive versatility. Burnham is a great shot-blocker that surprises folks with his ability to simply hang in the air for so long. He’s a constant threat for putback dunks and flushes from attacking off the dribble.