Jeff Bendel:

6’2 ’20 Trevon Williams (DTA Elite)

It’s impossible to watch Williams and not get blown away by his ability to score the ball with absolute relentlessness. He’s smart, skilled, athletic, and can single-handedly take over a game with his offensive presence. Williams is also a very reliable defender that forces turnovers and scores a ton in transition.

Jamie Shaw:

6’4” 2020 Kalib Matthews
Royal Knights

There were a lot of players who were in the conversation for this one, however Matthews consistent performances put him over the top. It is his smooth nature, his effortless attempt to drop 25 with explosion, stuff off the bounce and as one of the top catch and shoot guys in the state. Matthews is able to act as a secondary initiator and he is able to get downhill from the wing and finish on your head, over the trees. Matthews scoring package is extremely translatable, so much so that whichever D1 school gets him could have a 1st team guy by the time he graduates.

Miles Masercola:

6’2 2020 Lee Langstaff: Team Swish

Langstaff consistently saw himself past the 20 point mark in just about every game he played and it’s easy to see why.  He possesses an incredibly quick first step to go with a crafty layup package at the cup.  Now that you have to legitimately respect his jumper, he’s almost un-guardable 1v1 and should see scholarship coaches knocking down his door here in the near future.