Jamie Shaw:

6’2” 2021 Javonte Waverly
Royal Knights

Watch Waverly closely, and you will see him thread so many needles. It is uncanny his vision, but not only that his ability to get a player open and deliver precise pocket passes. Our Rick Lewis always speaks about Waverly’s ability to throw passes, with both hands, off the bounce and he does so across court, up the court or in a phone booth. Game in and game out, Waverly’s passing is simply second to none, making flashy tough plays look easy.

Jeff Bendel:

6’3 ’21 Javonte Waverly (Royal Knights)

Arguably the best passer in the region, Waverly takes this superlative with ease. He’s so smart and savvy with the ball in his hands, able to consistently manipulate the opposing defense to reveal openings and easy passing opportunities. He’s deceptive, accurate, and makes the right read a heavy majority of the time.

Miles Masercola:

6’0 2020 Isaac Sinclair: Team Stacked

Sinclair was consistently hitting the double-digit assist mark throughout the entire weekend, making his teammates better, and finding a way to produce at a high level.  His vision, flare, and feel for the game make him a must know academic name for coaches of all levels.  He’s someone that has the grades and ability to be a really recruitable guy moving forward.