6’2 2022 Jake Brown (Team Passion)- Jake came out and showed right away there is no secret to what he does better than anybody else on the court, shoot the basketball. Jake shot 9/13 from three in the game I saw him (it could’ve been 10/14 but ref said his toe was on the line once.) Jake found his spots got his shot up quick and as soon as it was off there was no need to worry about a rebound. Jake finished this game with 33 points and was the best young shooter I saw today.

6’3 2020 Jesse Walters (CEBA)- Jesse got hot in this game and hit 6 three pointers in a row in the first half of this game. In the second half Jesse showcased that he was way more than just a shooter in the second half he was beating people off the dribble and dropping pinpoint dimes. Jesse possesses great size and skill set as he continues to grow his IQ/ feel he could turn into a really nice guard prospect.

6’4 2021 Kamel Smith (NC Ice)– Kamel is such a super high-level athlete, rebounder, and defender that what he somewhat lacks in offensive skillset is no issue. Kamel still got the job done offensively through a variety of offensive rebounds, hustling to loose balls, overpowering defenders, and jump shots 10 feet and in. Kamel is a kid that can always find his way onto the court because of his motor and athleticism and it’s easy to like him as a coach/ fan.

6’1 2022 Nyshin Walters (Garner Road)- Nyshin was a great combo guard for this Garner Road team the only issue I had was that he was too passive for me at some points. He was able to score the ball basically on command when he was asked to by his coach. The part of his game that was passive in my opinion was that he was able to beat his man off the bounce every time he wanted to and I wanted to see him do this more than he did epically with his team trailing the majority of the game. Nyshin is a super skilled and talented guard that I believe is still figuring everything out and when he figures it all out, he has a real chance to be special!

6’7 2022 Asa White (Garner Road)- In my opinion Asa was the best long-term prospect I saw today. Watching Asa play he just oozed high level potential in everything he did. He’s already 6’7 with a 6’10 wingspan, can handle the ball like a guard, shoots it consistently out to 18 feet, defends at a very high level, rebounds, and is just so smooth and fluid. I believe as Asa continues to grow into his body and add strength he’s going to be next up out of Garner Road.