Mid-State Magic Sports 17U

Trey Cousins 6'4

I was really impressed with the overall game of Trey. He was just fantastic this weekend. Everyone in the gym knew he was getting the ball and he was still scoring in bunches. He can score on all three levels and doesn't need a lot of space to get his shot off. I was also impressed with how he plays the game mentally. No matter how many shots he missed he kept shooting like the next one was going in. He understand the rule number one in the shooters handbook missed two shots in row get to the basket to feel the ball go through the net. Trey is a big time player that will help a team right away at the next level.

Chase Mebane 6'5

Chase is a player that you just have to have on your team. He plays so hard' on both ends on the floor. He really surprised me a couple times being able to get to the basket and score with some really nice moves. He was able to get a couple baskets when he team need them. He is very good rebounder and a sneaky ball handler. He has always been really good on the defensive side of the floor but the offense is starting to coming along. His range is starting to improve on his jumper. Really think his game on the rise.

Jamal Walden 6'8

Jamal has great size and length. This was the first time I have ever seen him play. I thought he looked good. Would like to see him get more touches as he did a great job of scoring the basketball when he got it. He runs the floor very well. What was very interesting about Jamal was on defense in screen and rolls he was able to switch off and guard smaller players. He has great feet for his size. I think he play the four or the five on the next level. Would like to see if he can step out and hits shots out to fifteen feet.

Pro Skills Winston-Salem

Themus Fulks 5'10

One thing we know about Fulks is that he can really score the basketball. He might have one of the best floaters in the area. He does a good job of using his handles to get you on his hip. Once he gets you there you can forget it. He is just so crafty with the basketball. Would like to see him get stronger as he will play bigger players on the next level at his position. Fulks is a bucket! He will scare a lot of teams this winter.

Combine Academy

Sydney Shipp 6'1

I really enjoyed watching this kid play. He can score the ball on all three levels. He is unstoppable when he is in his bag. He has a great floater shot he uses once he gets in the lane that was like a teardrop. He's has a very good IQ for the game. He is very crafty with the basketball and does a great job of getting his teammates open looks. There was times in the game where I thought he was a little too unselfish. He can score the basketball whenever he wanted too. This kids has the goods. College coaches need to check him out asap!