17u Division

  • Team Wall 17u (5-0): Coming in as one of the headliners at the event, Team Wall took everyone’s shot and came away with an undefeated record.  Though it was tough and even had a last-second game winner, Team Wall was a program that had college coaches talking with players like 2022 Davis Molnar, 2022 Sam Perez, 2022 Tristin Harkins, and several others.  This was a complete team effort all weekend long.
  • Vaughan Panthers 17u (5-0): A program that is coming quite familiar this summer, Vaughan put it all together this weekend to go undefeated. A team that plays well together and unselfish basketball, they were once again strong all throughout with underrated talent.  They outscored their opponents by 60 points throughout the entire event, getting it done on both sides of the floor.
  • T-Town Ballerz (4-0): A new program coming down to Virginia to earn some exposure, T-Town Ballerz came away with an undefeated season and caught some eyes with a few rising seniors.  Thierry Lokrou and Javon Brewster were two that played consistent basketball all throughout and could be nice gets for programs around the area.  All this team and program knows how to do is win.
  • North Eastern Sports NJ (5-0): Another new program coming down, North Eastern Sports MJ has a few unsigned seniors that programs could be interested in after going 5-0 on the weekend.  Jonathan Ramos was one that played well and caught our eyes at times, while others like Matthew Okorie and Ryan Burke also played really well.

16u Division

  • BWSL Strothers 2023 (5-0): Down in the 16u division, BWSL Strothers is one that college coaches should be looking at because there is an array of talent at multiple levels with this team.  They showed how resilient they are with strong, close finishes against some impressive teams.  They have good size, length, and underrated talent to watch for.
  • Nova Cavs 16u (4-0): A program that had multiple teams at the event, including one in the 17u division, the entire Nova Cavaliers program really played well and the right way of basketball. Unselfish, effective, high IQ players, and with tremendous energy on both sides of the ball, Nova Cavs 16u was one of two teams that played really strong in Virginia.

15u Division

  • Team Wall 15u (4-0): Another Team Wall team in the event, the 15u squad was able to get it done while also give us a preview of a few names to really watch down the road as they continue to develop and will for sure be talents college coaches will want to know. Impressively ran through the field, outscoring their opponents by a total of 74 points.
  • Team Triad Hornets 15u (4-0): What can you say about the Hornets; they simply got it done on both ends and made it look easy. Cruising through three games with double-digit wins and ending their event on Sunday with a hard-fought win vs. WBC, Team Triad made their mark in Virginia Beach.


14u Division Red: Team Loaded 2025 Henderson

14u Division White: Big Business Ballerz

12u/11u Division: D1SA Spartans