The second consecutive weekend of the June Live period was down in Concord, North Carolina this weekend, Cannon School was the site and they welcomed this talented field of teams into a highly competitive atmosphere.

Concord, North Carolina– Saturday I was locked in on the action at Cannon school covering the second weekend of the NCISAA Summer Showcase, the day started off with an offensive explosion and the action didn’t disappoint after that. There are several story lines to reflect on, a number of teams and players really impressed on the day. 

Brock Williams

 The Hoop State’s top returning scorer is picking right back up where he left off.

6’1 2021 Brock Williams started the day with 37 points against Greensboro Day School, he repeatedly carved up defenses and attacked the cup at will, no one could stay in front of Williams, you won’t find many guards quicker with the basketball. Williams first step is devastating, he’s explosive enough to beat the help and extend at the rim, Williams is stronger than he looks, he absorbs contact at 6’1 and initiates it at the cup.

There were a number of coaches present for the early morning performance, one notable name was Kevin Keatts of NC State. Williams can switch directions and speeds on a dime, in space Williams is at his best with the basketball making decisions. Through three games Williams averaged 29.3 points per game, he shot a high percentage in the lane and around the basket. Williams is steadily improving the long ball, he showed good feel working teammates into their spots, and rebounding is an underrated quality to his game. 

6’6 2021 Bryce Harris is about to blow up at Greensboro Day School, by way of NYC-  Harris is going to bring toughness he’s got that dog in him. Harris gets after it on both ends, he’s athletic but also skilled offensively, Harris can take his man off the dribble, he showed a strong post game throughout the day, and Harris can step out and knock the three ball down.bryce harris

Harris showed the entire arsenal against Burlington Christian, Harris finished with a crucial 17 points.  Harris has above average length, he’s active on the glass and gets crucial second chance point opportunities. Harris can guard the one through five at this stage, it won’t take long for him to become a household name around the Triad hoops scene. 

Metrolina Christian came to compete

Metrolina gave a hard fought effort in an eight point loss to Greensboro Day, and an impressive win over FCDS. Overall this group is well coached, and they play well together on both ends. 

6’0 2021 Camden Johnson had a big day he led this squad in scoring in both games I saw. The sharp shooting guard shot five of seven from deep in one contest. Johnson has a quick trigger and he can heat up in a hurry if the defense is lackadaisical, he was also very active on the boards. 

5’10 2020 Mike Mason– Offers up another shooter and potential ball handler in the backcourt. Johnson and Mason were interchangeable parts on and off ball. Mason carved out space, he was patient and took what the defense gave. 

6’2 2020 Drew Patterson– Patterson was the primary ball handler and playmaker for this group, he sees the floor well and didn’t hesitate to make the extra pass. Patterson is an unselfish floor general that plays with some flair. 

6’1 2022 Blair Crumble and 6’5 2020 Josh Owens also played valuable minutes for this group, Crumble knocked down some big shots for this group, he isn’t afraid to make plays. Crumble also gave a valiant effort defensively. Hooper will be big for this group in the middle, he was a reliable option down low, and he was highly active on the glass. 

It seems like everyone understands their roles within this team already, everyone comes in prepared to contribute something.

Wesleyan Christian Academy Will be Extremely balanced

One of the most balanced offenses I saw on the day, they really spread the rock around, everyone gets a touch. In their final contest on Saturday against hosts Cannon, the Trojans had four starters finish in double figures. 

6’4 Josh Wiggins looks like a breakout star in the Triad, he’s a legitimate three level  scorer, and defends multiple positions. At 6’4 Wiggins is athletic and he’s a strong finisher around the basket, he’s also a guy that will follow his shots and earn second chance points. Wiggins is a very gritty defender which allows him to guard in the paint and he’s quick enough laterally to guard the perimeter. 

6’2 Kade Darr– Darr is one of the streakiest shooters I’ve seen this live period, he only needs a smidge of space and Darr is letting it fly, he’s the type of shooter that can heat up in a hurry. Darr is a potential zone breaker with his range and persistence, Darr is also an high I.Q. prospect who will put it on the floor if the defense overplays. 

6’7 2020 Kaleb Brooks– Another kid that looks to be in for a major senior season, Brooks is a solid built 6’7 with ball skills to play on the perimeter and the sheer strength to bang down low. Brooks got looks off the dribble, at 6’7 he can shoot effortlessly over smaller wings, or beat slower bigs off the bounce.Kaleb Brooks

Brooks moves well at 6’7, and the consistent three point shot opens his entire game up. Brooks proved to be a load in the middle, he’s physical and has good hands, around the basket Brooks is an emphatic finisher.

 6’1 2021 Aisaiah Phillips and 6’4 2023 Dice Royster give this group two reliable ball handlers and offense initiators at the lead guard position. Both can get looks for themselves off the dribble and create for others, Phillips is one of the scrappiest defenders I saw he absolutely lives in his matchups jersey. Phillips plays physical and posses that junkyard dog smaller guards need. 

Royster is the youngster of the group but he has a mature feel for the game at this stage, Royster plays with poise and he showed some advanced court vision. Royster will also bring versatility defensively, at 6’4 he can lineup at multiple spots and provide help on the boards.

FCDS could be the youngest team in the Hoop State 

Forsyth Country Day will feature a good amount of youth this season, and these youngsters may be relied upon sooner than later. Overall this group is far from a finished product but they’re building, there is already some established chemistry. 

Newcomer 6’4 2020 Jay Mitchell looks like the number one scoring option for this group, he’s much improved from a year ago. Mitchell has always been an explosive athlete, but now he’s added the ball skills and intangibles to go with it.jay mitch

Mitchell has fixed his jumper, and it looks very fluid, he should be relied on for scoring, defense, and senior leadership.

6’1 2021 Chance Carter- Carter is another veteran in this lineup that played big minutes last season, he will also have to help lead this group of youngsters. Carter is a marksmen from deep, a potential zone buster among other things, and a reliable ball handler. 

6’1 2023 Will Gray– One of the more talented freshmen guards around the Triad, Gray showed in flashes what we could see this season. In the early stages Gray has a steady handle, he’s a long 6’1 and crafty with the basketball. Gray was aggressive when he needed to be on both ends, he attacked the cup and showed some athleticism at the rim, and contesting shots defensively. 

6’1 2023 Jahon Foster– Foster is another young guard who saw valuable time in the backcourt, he offers up another ball handler and Foster is a scrappy defender, he applied pressure to make opposing ball handlers uncomfortable. 

Overall the Furies roster features one lone senior and currently out of 11 total players five are between the classes of 2023-2024.