Although there were a ton of notable standouts on display at Phenom Hoops’ Memorial Day Classic, John Lash made a lasting impression with his unique approach to the game. Commonly known for his baseball ability, the 6-foot-5 power forward is a major difference-maker on the basketball court. Lash is tough as nails and displays a seemingly nonstop motor, which allows him to consistently outwork and overwhelm opponents on both ends of the floor. He doesn’t possess elite size or athleticism, which makes his ability to control the glass and constantly outproduce others even more impressive. In actuality, it’s his toughness, physicality, and rugged nature that makes him so problematic for opponents. Furthermore, Lash genuinely understands his identity as a player and effectively plays to his strengths on both ends of the floor. He’s a great finisher, especially through contact, and can utilize either hand around the basket. That being said, Lash arguably earns most of his value through his presence as a defender and rebounder. He carves out space extremely well and highlights a phenomenal nose for the ball. Lash tracks offensive rebounds at a high rate and effortlessly secures defensive boards. He also willingly sacrifices his body and runs the floor hard in transition. Double-double guys like him aren’t necessarily uncommon in high school basketball, but it’s his mentality and the way that he’s producing that separates him from others. It’s still somewhat early, but Lash should appeal to a variety of different programs.