2024 6’6 Jacob Brandly (Combine Regional): Brandly is one that continues to come to events, and catches our eye each time.  Why? This is a 6’6 forward that creates so much havoc when he is on the court.  Brandly does a great job in being able to attack the defense in an array of ways, whether it is in pick-and-pop situations and hurting them with his perimeter shooting, or his ability to use his body and battle around the basket.  Each time we see him though, he is producing. It is time to start recognizing.

2023 6’8 Jajuan Nicholls (NC GBB): Nicholls has hit another level in his game, something we mentioned in our unsigned senior report.  But one of the most consistent messages from the weekend was the difference and attitude that we see in the unsigned senior big.  Nicholls looks stronger, plays stronger, plays assertively, is a physical presence, and makes plays both offensively and defensively. It is time to start looking harder his way.

2025 Zy’Mari Perry (Greater Destiny Prep): We spoke about Perry in our other article, but he is one that looks to be a stock riser with the production he brings to the floor. There are plenty of schools down the road that could use a 6’4/6’5 prospect that is active, finds ways to score, attacks the boards, and competes on both sides of the court.  So it will be interesting to see how he continues to develop and the work he puts in, but he is one to start looking at.

2024 Chicale Ward (Bull City Prep): What a weekend it was for the junior prospect, as Ward was flourishing no matter where he was on the court. Ward is an intriguing prospect with his size, his ability to make plays off the bounce, knock down shots from inside and out, and showcase his athleticism and versatility.  He filled it up and did so consistently throughout the event, as he was one the leading scorers throughout the event.

2024 6’3 Juwann Argant (Lab U): Even though we only got one viewing due to an injury, Argant left enough of a mark to earn his name on this list. A very intriguing point guard with great size at 6’3.  When on the court, he showed glimpses of being that guard that sees the floor and can set up his teammates, but also find ways to create and score for himself.  Argant did just that, getting paint touches, knocking down shots, excelling in transition, and leading the charge. 

2026 6’2 Yohance Connor (1of1): Only a freshman, but I do believe he deserves to be on this list and think he will have plenty of eyes his way.  When talking to our scouts, I continued to say that you will consistently know what you will get from Connor: maximum energy, a tremendous motor, and the ability to get downhill and fill it up.  Connor plays so hard on both ends, something you don’t see in a lot of young prospects. But he is terrific out in the open floor, is relentless in getting to the basket, and can change a game with his presence defensively.

2025 6’7 Tayeshaun Smith (1of1): We continue to bring up Smith’s name, as I believe the best is yet to come for this young man. But again, it is all determined by how he continues to develop. But you see the flashes in his game and if his trend continues, he is going to be a big that schools will be looking at hard.  He has the physicality and frame that you already like, but his presence on the boards and defensively is impressive while he is continuing to add layers to his game offensively.

2024 Richard Goods (Piedmont Classical): Goods is a name that we have mentioned on several occasions before and he had a strong weekend overall, which is why he should be getting more looks his way.  Goods continues to run the floor well, finish strong at the rim with power, and really impressed with how he made plays in a variety of other ways; creating steals, blocking shots, and stepping out at times for his shot.  Intriguing prospect that should have opened more eyes with his play.